Matt Czuchry Is Finally Confirmed for American Horror Story Season 12!

Has Matt Czuchry’s participation in American Horror Story season 12 on FX been confirmed officially? There is no doubt that we have been anxiously awaiting word on this for some time!

Around the time his Fox television program The Resident was canceled, there were initial rumors that the actor would be joining the horror anthology. We have been waiting ever since, and now some information is beginning to trickle in. Ironically, the disclaimer states that although it isn’t quite official, it might as well be.

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Deadline reports that Czuchry will play the male lead in this season of American Horror Story, which is supposed to be dubbed AHS: Delicate. Emma Roberts may play the second main character. There are some more out there, in addition to the headline-grabbing Kim Kardashian casting. A factor in other castings starting to surface in the press is the fact that production is already underway.

(However, despite the fact that we have included the above photo numerous times, there is no Billie Lourd, much to our great chagrin.)

When Is Season 12 Going to Premiere?

Although we are hoping for more information on that soon, there is still no specific date available, much to our great frustration. According to reports, it will debut this summer, a theme of the season might be pregnancy, and Ryan Murphy won’t be the writer at the core of any episode. (Be assured that he will still serve as an executive producer.)

American Horror Story season 12

Even though we are sad that The Resident is over, it is nice to know that he will be starring in another project so soon. In the future, hopefully, he will do additional seasons!

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What Do You Most Want to See When It Comes to Matt Czuchry on American Horror Story Season 12?

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