What You Need to Know About the Messy Divorce of Lisa and Lenny Hochstein.

putting an end to it. Lisa Hochstein, a Real Housewives of Miami star, and her husband Lenny Hochstein publicly announced their separation in May 2022, but their tumultuous divorce process had only just begun.

Shortly after the plastic surgeon was seen partying in Miami with model Katarina Mazepai, Lenny announced their split.

My ex-wife Lisa and I are divorcing. I refuted this a few weeks ago since I’m doing everything I can to keep my family safe while this is going on, he stated in a statement to us in May 2022. While it is true that I am seeing Katharina, none of this started until the divorce decision was made. I would appreciate some privacy at this terrible time so that we may provide the best care possible for our children, who are our everything.

The couple wed in October 2009 and had their children Logan and Elle in July 2015 and September 2019, respectively. In November 2022, Lisa stated that because Lenny had cut her off financially during their acrimonious breakup, she was unable to buy needs for her kids.

The Bravolebrity claimed in court papers acquired by Us that she had been attempting to purchase diapers and food when her payment was declined, and she blamed her divorced spouse for failing to make a payment onto his American Express card for several months.

The documents asserted that [Lenny’s] current clear approach is to subjugate [Lisa] by refusing to give [Lisa] or the young children any direct help. Although [Lenny] can give opulent parties, why can’t he or won’t he support Lisa and the two small children who attend the parties?

Lenny, on the other hand, has denied the accusations. The Russian national said that Lisa has made frequent and tedious requests for disproportionate temporary support while he provides for the family in a later file that the Us was able to access.

What You Need to Know About the Messy Divorce of Lisa and Lenny Hochstein.

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Lenny Is Concentrating on His Children Despite the Tension Between His Ex-Wives.

He said to us in January 2023, “I simply want to make sure my kids are taken care of. They are my top concern and everything to me. Whatever happens, I want to ensure that kids live a nice life, are well cared for, and have everything they need.

The couple’s divorce is currently being depicted on RHOM season 5, which debuted in December 2022. Lisa had expressed her reluctance to watch the events unfold again on television to USAT BravoCon two months before.

What You Need to Know About the Messy Divorce of Lisa and Lenny Hochstein.

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I Wasn’t Expecting It, and I Was a Complete Disaster, so I’m Dreading It.

The reality TV star confessed, “Like, I couldn’t control my feelings,” in October 2022. The spectators will be able to tell that I wasn’t me when they tune in. Nobody knew who I was. I couldn’t place myself.