Michelle and Ted Have a Conversation in The Fourth Episode of The Third Season of Ted Lasso.

We do believe that Ted Lassoseason 3 episode 3 included several significant conversation-starting moments, but the one between Ted and Michelle near the conclusion may have surpassed some of the others.

Even if the entire season is wonderful, we do believe that the writers made a serious error in relation to what is happening with the main character’s ex. She’s with their therapist, why? The artistic decision to do something is more important than what the character does. Since everything is actually more of a two-way street, it feels too on-the-nose and like the program is attempting to imply that one person is more incorrect than the other.

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This is how we do perceive that final conversation: Ted expressed his thoughts regarding Dr. Jacob’s situation in full. She didn’t respond with anything, but was there any need for her too? You could argue that, at least, he ought to apologize to him for failing to inform him that his son would be spending time with a different guy. This has less to do with her love preferences and more to do with who gets to hang out with Henry.

The fact that Michelle smiled after the chat suggested that she might be proud of him for speaking his thoughts and addressing some genuine resentment. He has issues with that; in fact, the fact that he didn’t do it for Nate may have cost the squad the game. In this stage of his journey, Ted can express his emotions more honestly and display a wider range of his personality.

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