Killing it at the Oscars! Mindy Kaling’s Body Development Throughout Time.

Mindy Kaling has been transparent about her health journey over the years, sharing everything from dealing with high school bullying to juggling unrealistic Hollywood expectations to losing baby weight.

Kelly Kapoor, the comedian’s character on The Office, which debuted in 2005, introduced a lot of people to her. Kaling was in the writer’s room in addition to appearing frequently on screen. Kelly adopted a diet inspired by Beyoncé during a season 5 episode, substituting meals with a cleanse that consists of lemons, cayenne pepper, water, and maple syrup.

On NPR in 2011, Kaling stated that the narrative always makes us sigh when we think of diets. But, I find diets entertaining. I believe many American ladies enjoy it as a hobby. I’m not sure. I believe Kelly views dieting as an enjoyable activity.

Killing it at the Oscars! Mindy Kaling's Body Development Throughout Time.

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The author published her debut book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, in the same year.

She writes about developing a rudimentary diet plan in her frank memoir while still in high school after a classmate told her she would look incredibly lovely if she lost weight. As a result, Kaling would consume exactly half of the food placed before her while skipping the dessert.

I shed thirty pounds in about two months without exercising,” she wrote. My fingers had shrunk overnight, and when I looked down at them in the morning, I noticed this.

I now needed to sleep with an additional wool blanket because I was constantly chilly, much like those thin females in movie theatres who always whine about it. My belly disappeared, and my face grew thinner. I had hoped that [my bully] Duante would finally stop bothering me, but he persisted.

Killing it at the Oscars! Mindy Kaling's Body Development Throughout Time.

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The actress stated that she maintained a somewhat healthy weight up until the first six months of her freshman year in college when she gained 35 pounds.

She lost the weight by adding exercise to her routine, but she declared that she would remain overweight for the rest of her life for four reasons: she doesn’t have any interests besides dieting, she lacks discipline, the men she has dated have liked me just the way I am, and she’s generally content with the way I look—as long as I don’t wreck a beach chair.

As Kaling’s fame grew, she became well-known for her sense of style, both in real life and as her character on The Mindy Project.

I used to be the type who would say, “I have to stop eating these foods, or six weeks beforehand, I’m only going to juice,” said Kaling on Today in May 2022, adding that she now chooses to eat in moderation rather than restrict her diet. I’m always going to be a foodie. I’ll never be someone who can simply eat salmon and spinach every day. I’m really just attempting moderation for the first time in my life, and I love it.

Killing it at the Oscars! Mindy Kaling's Body Development Throughout Time.

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The Producer Continued by Saying She No Longer Views Exercise as A Kind of Punishment.

I’ll say, “Oh, I have four instances today where I have 10 minutes, so let’s just walk instead of sitting down and checking Instagram,” she said. As a result, I’ve decided to be more active all the time, rather than only doing a small amount of exercise in the morning or none at all.

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