What is Miniclip? Here’s Check Important Features and Specifications!

Miniclip SA, which specialises in browser games, launched in 2001. Robert Small and Tihan Presbie used a £40,000 startup grant to get the ball rolling. The market value of the company in 2008 was about $275 million. In the absence of a citation,

Miniclip boasted in a 2009 advertisement that it provided access to more than 450 games. In 2015, Miniclip was acquired by Chinese tech giant Tencent. As of December 2016, Miniclip’s mobile games had been downloaded over 1 billion times across all platforms. The 8 Ball Pool game alone accounted for 1 billion of the 4 billion downloads claimed by Miniclip in March of 2022.

As part of their announcement in April 2022 that they would be focusing on mobile games, Miniclip also stated that their website will be losing the vast bulk of its games, leaving only Agar.io and 8 Ball Pool.

Games for Xbox One on Windows 8


Miniclip games will be available for distribution on the Xbox section of Windows 8 as of September 2012, according to a post on the Windows team blog from 31 August 2012 (also see List of Xbox games on Windows). Gravity Guy, iStunt 2, and Monster Island are just a few of the Miniclip games that work with Xbox for Windows 8. On November 29, 2010, Gravity Guy was made available on Windows Store.

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Miniclip? Just what is it?

Miniclip is a website that hosts many types of interactive media and educational tools, including games (both single-player and multiplayer) and editors (for things like artwork and animations).

The online and downloadable games can be played for free, although they sometimes come with paid add-ons or commercials. Virtual currency, which may be acquired through play and special events, is used to buy things within the app. Players are able to interact with one another and carry on conversations while playing.

  • I was wondering if you could explain how the average person utilises Miniclip.
  • Examine the benefits and drawbacks of using online gaming services like Miniclip. Miniclip is popular anonymous gaming, talking, and dating platform.
  • Information about when and how to report harassment or how to settle conflicts with other players.

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Facilitation Center

  • Assist and advise on how to interact with the other players.
  • A call for bids can be posted here.
  • Please report any suspicious behaviour or send in requests for assistance.
  • Manage your own Miniclip page.
  • Figure out how your Miniclip experience can be tailored to your specific needs.

When it comes to your own personal information, what steps can you do to keep it safe?


  • Look at your account settings, such as the apps you’ve installed, whether you’ve been banned, and which of your accounts are public.
  • In regards to your personal information, please review the following:
  • Learn how Miniclip uses the information you provide.

A Miniclip Facebook Login Manager

Miniclip is integrated with Facebook, allowing users to sign in with their existing account. Learn how to restrict access and take away rights on Facebook.

  • Disclaimer; Restrictions & Conditions
  • Specific constraints on how Miniclip can be used.
  • Integrating many forms of protection together
  • Protection against cyber threats on the Internet
  • The fundamentals of online safety for children and their parents.
  • Here is some information about how to get in touch with Miniclip.

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As an early Android developer, miniclip.com predates the year 2010 by several years. As of this update, there are 32 games accessible through the app store.

Across more than ten countries, Miniclip.com’s apps can be found in Google Play’s top 100. The 8 Ball Pool app has become a global phenomenon, with top downloads and rankings in dozens of countries.