How to Convert MKV to MP4 on Mac

Popular multimedia container format MKV can store multiple video, audio, picture, and subtitle tracks. Unfortunately, the MKV format is not supported by Apple devices or by most video editing software, including iMovie.

As a result, a lot of Mac users are looking for ways to convert MKV to MP4. Moreover, there are a plethora of resources available online that can help you do this; nevertheless, the majority of these guides’ directions can be difficult to follow. They list a wide variety of resources without elaborating on how best to apply each one.

They are both containers, in reality, but MKV is slightly more popular. To convert from MKV to MP4, remuxing is usually sufficient. Specifically, without converting or altering anything else, replace the MKV container with an MP4 one.

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Quickly and Losslessly Convert Mkv Files to Mp4 on A Mac Using Obs

mkv to mp4

Maybe some users who look for an MKV to MP4 converter end up downloading an OBS MKV file. But did you know that Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) supports the conversion of MKV files to MP4 files? And in fact, you shouldn’t change the MKV file format to MP4 at all. To convert an MKV file into an MP4, OBS just opens the MKV file.

hence, you may anticipate the same level of quality in the converted MP4 as in the source MKV when using OBS to make the conversion. However, the file size will be greater than if you used other programmes. Find out how to change MKV to MP4 on a Mac using OBS in this helpful guide.

Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) Studio 1. Import the MKV file into OBS.
2. Go to “Settings” >> “Output” and change the recording format to “MP4”

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Problems with Remuxing? Cisdem Lets You Convert Mkv to Lossless Mp4 on A Mac

Follow the steps above, and you’ll discover that converting an MKV to an MP4 still won’t work with your desired software. Considering that MKV and MP4 are multimedia container formats, this is the case. Videos, audio, and captions may all be combined into one convenient package.

Their video or audio files could be encoded using a wide number of various codecs and standards. While the format may be compatible, the video may nevertheless be rejected because of an internal error. Therefore, you should seek out a Mac-compatible video converter that can smoothly transform MKV files into MP4s.

Best Mac Video Conversion Software – Cisdem

The Cisdem Video Converter for Mac is the best option for changing over an MKV video to an MP4 format. This programme does not restrict the amount or size of files like some others do. If you’re using a Mac, you may convert MKV files to MP4s with the help of these video converting programmes. MKV videos can be edited in many ways to create the perfect version for your needs, including merging, cutting, cropping, adding watermarks/subtitles, and adding effects. YouTube, Break, Metacafe, Bing, Flickr, AOL, and more can all be downloaded using this programme.

Top-Rated Mkv to Mp4 Converter for Mac Attributes

  • Transfer MKV to any portable media player, including the iPhone, iPod, PSP, etc.
  • Tolerant of over 300 distinct video and audio codecs.
  • Prior to conversion, edit and fine-tune the media files.
  • Combine and compress several MKV video files into one.
  • Included player for previewing MKV files before conversion
  • Videos in 1080p and 4k resolutions can be downloaded from more than a thousand sites.
  • Convert DVD movies to other video formats like MKV or MP4
  • Exceptional speed and batch processing

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The Windows Mkv to Mp4 Converter

MKV stands for “Matroska,” and it is a container format used for multimedia files. But because MKV is not as widespread as other video file formats like MOV and MP4, it can be difficult to play an MKV file on a Windows PC.

MKV files can be converted to MP4 for playback on devices that do not support the format. It’s a standard for multimedia files and is supported by a wide range of gadgets. In this article, we’ll show you where to find the finest MKV to MP4 converters for Windows, both online and offline.

Start by Loading Some Media Into Vlc

mkv to mp4

To play MKV files, you can download the free, open-source VLC player. There’s no need to convert and play the video if you have VLC player installed. VLC’s Convert function will do the trick if you absolutely must change the format of your MKV file. In the VLC media player, this is one of the most useful tricks in its sleeve.

  • Follow these steps in the VLC media player to change an MKV file to an MP4:
  • To play media on your computer, launch the VLC player.
  • Simply go to the main VLC window, then to Media, and then to Convert/Save. Another way to get to Convert/Save is to press Ctrl + R.