Modern Family Season 11 Where to Watch: Is It Streaming on Hulu?

It’s time for Modern Family to wrap up, eleven years after the series premiered. The midseason debut of the final season of the family comedy airs on Wednesday. In order to follow all the threads, you can do one of several things.

Those who don’t mind keeping up with the rest of the world and tuning in to Modern Family as it airs can do so with a cable subscription and a set-top box. On ABC every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. Live viewing is available, but for cable members who can’t watch at that time, the show is also available on demand.

If you aren’t able to watch the series because you don’t have cable or the time, you aren’t out of luck. Hulu currently hosts episodes of Modern Family after they appear on TV, and this trend is expected to continue. If you have a normal Hulu subscription, you can view the first nine episodes of Season 11 of Modern Family right now, before the premiere airs.

What to Expect from Season 11 of Modern Family

modern family season 11 where to watch

Modern Family is an ABC sitcom centered on a nuclear family, created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan. There were a total of eleven seasons, airing from September 23, 2009, to April 8, 2020. Jay Pritchett, the patriarch of three separate suburban Los Angeles families, is the central figure.

Creators Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan were having dinner with friends and family when the idea for a television show struck them. They started working on the idea of a mockumentary following a typical American household. A while later, they decided it would be a good idea to make a programme about three different families. The show’s original title was “My American Family.” Critics were consistently enthusiastic about the first few seasons of Modern Family. Over the course of the show’s 11 seasons, critical reception was mixed, but viewership never wavered.

In the TV show Modern Family, Jay Pritchett and his kids Mitchel and Claire link together three different types of families living in the Los Angeles area. Jay Pritchett, the patriarch of the family, married Gloria Delgado Pritchett, a loving Colombian immigrant with whom he had a son named Joe. Gloria also has a son from a previous marriage, and his name is Manny. Gloria’s ex-spouse Javier and Jay’s ex-wife Dede make guest appearances on the show on occasion.

Claire Pritchett, Jay’s daughter, was a stay-at-home mom for a while before she decided to go back to work and take over the family business. She wed Phil Dunphy, an agent who describes himself as a “cool dad” and who has a passion for the violin and magic. Haley is the middle child in their family and she is a typical preteen girl. Alex, the eloquent and thoughtful middle child, and Luke, the oddball. A recurring character in the show is Haley’s on-and-off boyfriend Dylan.

Vietnamese-born Cam Tucker adopted Lily Tucker-Pritchett. In the last episode of the show, a newborn boy named Rexford is born to the family. The comedic episodes are, as the title suggests, based on everyday situations that many families face. This is a typical example of a modern family.

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Nominations and Awards for Modern Family

There were four wins for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series and two wins for Best Supporting Actress in the first five seasons of the show. The sitcom also took home the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy-drama Series each of those three years. The show was nominated for 75 Emmys and ended up winning 22. Not only that, but it also won the 2011 Golden Globe for Best Television Musical or Comedy.

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Modern Family Season 11 Where to Watch

modern family season 11 where to watch

Hulu offers a wide selection of movies and television series. Hulu has also begun producing original series and films under the Hulu Originals banner. Some of these include Pam and Tommy, Dollface, Single Drunk Female, Sex Appeal, The Dropout, and more. Only on Hulu can you see an original production from Hulu. Using a virtual private network, you can access all of Hulu’s programming regardless of your location. Here’s a rundown of some of Hulu’s featured films and shows.

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  • The sixth season of Trolls: Topia
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  • See Season 6 of Rick and Morty on Netflix.
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