Mom Christine “Encouraged” Janelle’s Independence, According to Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn.

Sisters are acting on their own behalf! Gwendolyn Brown, an actress of Sister Wives, spoke out about Janelle Brown’s newfound independence and acknowledged her mother Christine Brown as a source of inspiration.

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A fan asked the 21-year-old actress during her recap of the most recent Sister Wives episode, season 17 episode 5, which aired on Sunday, January 15, her thoughts on what motivated Janelle, 53, to become a more independent woman following her breakup with ex-Kody Brown.

Mom Christine "Encouraged" Janelle's Independence, According to Sister Wives' Gwendlyn.

Gwendolyn, the daughter of Christine, 50, and Kody, 54, responded, “I think my mom, who has also gotten a lot more empowered since the first season, supported her. And it appears that they just supported one another in becoming more resilient, self-reliant, and self-assured.

In November 2021, Christine made a public announcement that she and Kody, with whom she had six children total—Gwendolyn, Aspen, 27, Mykelti, 26, Paedon, 24, Ysabel, 19, and Truly, 12—were no longer together.

In contrast, Janelle disclosed in December 2022 that she and the Wyoming native had been apart for several months. The delighted parents of six children—Logan, 28, Maddie, 27, Hunter, 25, Garrison, 24, Gabriel, 21, and Savanah, 18—are the estranged couple.

I’m not keeping him waiting. Janelle remarked in episode three of the Sister Wives: One-on-Onespecial, which aired earlier this month, “I’ve kind of regretted that part of our lives is gone.” I wasn’t inconsolable. For me, it wasn’t as painful as it was for Christine.

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The polygamist’s separation from the real estate was supported by Christine, who at the time told viewers: “For Janelle, I think that she’s frustrated, and she’s really hurt.” And she now knows that the husband she was married to was someone quite different. But she is also unique.

Gwendolyn discussed her opinions on Christine and Janelle creating their own reality program where they begin dating with them now that they are both free.

The TLC star remarked on her January 11 YouTube recap that I think we should have a spinoff series where Janelle and my mom get together. Tell me that concept isn’t your favorite. Wives of sisters. The title ought to be SisterWivesI’m a f*king genius.

Mom Christine "Encouraged" Janelle's Independence, According to Sister Wives' Gwendlyn.

Although they may not be considering a relationship, the two ladies have frequently extolled the virtues of their friendship, which has endured even after each of their divorces from Kody.

In September 2022, the sister’s wives took a road trip to Idaho to see family, which they documented on social media. The following month, Christine gave Us Weekly an exclusive update on the women s continued friendship.

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She has repeatedly visited me. Christine described her relationship with Janelle to us in October 2022. “I have a guest room, and she stays in the guest room, and her sister also resides about a half hour from me,” Christine said. She adores seeing [my girls] Aspyn, Mykelti, the infant, and everything else. We have therefore had a few vacations together.

Mom Christine "Encouraged" Janelle's Independence, According to Sister Wives' Gwendlyn.

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For his part, Kody is still legally wed to Robyn Brown, whom he did so in 2014. He later divorced his first wife, Meri Brown, nevertheless. After making relationship hints during the season 17 tell-all, the couple made their breakup official earlier this month.