My 11 Circle: My11 Circle Fantasy Cricket App Screens & Features!

A fantasy game is essentially a game in which any participant can choose a few players and assemble his own squad. The players are awarded points based on their performance when the game actually begins. Following the conclusion of the game, a leaderboard is created, and you are awarded the prize money based on your standing on the fantasy league scoreboard.

My11Circle Fantasy Cricket App screens & features

Real Games

  • You may view all the current, live, and completed matches in this section.
  • Details of completed matches are crucial because they allow you to assess how well each player performed during a certain match.
  • Live Matches are displayed in one location so that you can monitor the performance of your players in real-time.
  • So that you don’t forget to enter the contest at the last minute, upcoming games may be monitored and teams can be ready for those games in advance.

Cash competitions

You can view the various Cash Contests for every game. Cash contests are those that require an entry fee and contain a cash award as part of the package. You can check out the full details of the prize money distribution based on leaderboard placement.

My 11 Circle

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Matches in practice

There isn’t a cost for all of the games. If you want to try something new and don’t want to spend money on entering a competition, you can participate in practice matches.

Individual contests

The ability to start or join private contests is one of the best features of the My11Circle app. Private contests are ones that are not publicly displayed on the app and may only be entered if the contestant has the invitation code. These competitions are made by those who only wish to play with their family or close friends and not with random strangers. Users of the my11circle app love this particular contest type.

My Games

  • You may view a list of all the matches you have taken part in in this section. You may quickly check out the current, upcoming, or finished matches.
  • I can get a sense of the players’ real-time performances by looking at my Live Matches while they are being played.
  • Having all of my upcoming games in one location makes it easier for me to switch teams before a game.
  • I find it easier to analyze players’ recent performances when I have all of my completed matches in one spot.

My11circle app adds cash

In order to participate in any contest, you don’t have to add money at the last minute, which could cause a delay. Instead, you can add money to your my11cirlce wallet in advance.

My 11 Circle

This feature is fantastic since the money contributed to your my11circle wallet is secure, and because of the money in your wallet, you can quickly enter any contest because the entrance cost is promptly removed from your wallet when you enter the contest.

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Benefits of the My11Circle Fantasy Cricket app

Stream any cricket game you want.

It’s quite easy to join the matches. All you have to do is launch the my11circle apk, choose the match, and enter the competition with the winning team that best suits you.

Play actual matches with the athletes you desire.

You have the option of playing games with 11 cricket players. Any 11 of the players in the game are available for selection. The outlined guidelines must be followed.

fantastic user interface for apps

The users were put first when developing the my11circle app. My11circle has a really cool user interface. Undoubtedly, you’ll enjoy it.

transactions that are completely safe and secure

All debit and credit transactions performed with my11circle are completely safe, private, and secure.

contests for cash are ones that are compensated. You can participate by paying the registration fee and have the opportunity to win even more money by assembling the best team.

Private Contest: These competitions are not displayed on the app and may only be entered by using the invitation code that was issued to you by a friend or family member.

My 11 Circle

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Track the progress of your players.

As their performance will earn you points and provide prizes, you can now watch the game and see how your chosen players are doing.

Therefore, stop waiting. Get the My11circle app now