Mythdhr Login 2022 | My Apron Home Depot Login

The Home Depot’s retail staff use the Mythdhr interface to track and request their scheduled time off. Management roles including those in the corporate and other non-store settings are also included. The Mythdhr site has many different areas where you can go to look up information relevant to your job.

Most of your employees’ data is easily accessible in one place using Mythdhr, where it can be seen or updated by administrators. Examine your address and other personal details if you like.

Maintaining a monthly Self Service login verifies your contact information and allows Home Depot to contact you at any time regarding taxes, benefits, etc. You’ll be able to take care of the associates’ paychecks, shift schedules, and any other perks that They Home Depot provides.

Profits from Using My Thdhr


As an employee, you get to pick from a variety of benefits packages designed to cater to you and your loved ones. The Home Depot’s services and compensation programmes, such as Your Total Value and Mythdhr, are available to you.

Part-time hourly workers have the same access to benefit programmes as full-time salaried workers. Please feel welcome if you are a dependent, or a domestic partner of the same gender, who meets the requirements. A majority of Mytdhr plans include protections for exactly this kind of emergency.

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Obtaining Health-Related Benefits

  • Mythdhr is an approved provider for your health insurance. Included in the benefits package is coverage for both your dental and vision needs.
  • You can collect on your Disability Insurance if you are disabled.
  • Life insurance is a perk of working at The Home Depot.
  • Protect yourself and your loved ones with AD&D insurance.

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The Money!

  • The Home Depot offers a variety of financial incentives, such as:
  • FutureBuilder 401(k) Plan is a retirement savings programme made available to you by Mythdhr.
  • Specifically, you gain access to an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). That’s some serious feat!
  • Benefits like direct deposit and bank bonuses are offered to you as an employee. Transactions and payments are simplified as a result.

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Paid Time Off and Vacation Pay

  • You can request time off and holidays based on your specific situation. Mythdhr’s sign-in page allows you a lot of leeway in procedure.
  • Holiday and vacation time off is factored into your pay. You’re also entitled to one free domestic travel every five years.
  • Sick and personal days are given out freely so that employees can take care of themselves.
  • In the event that you need time off from work for an emergency, an upcoming exam, or service in the armed forces, you can apply for a Leave of Absence.
  • In the event of Jury Duty, early dismissal is permitted without further inquiry.
  • Absence due to Bereavement Days. It’s been seen to that each and every leaf is tended to.
  • Put together the advantages of work and personal life. Latest Government Jobs ejobs Freejobalert.
  • Employees at The Home Depot are treated very well. Mythdhr is where you may access your job and personal benefits. Some of the perks are as follows:

Higher Education Expenses Will Be Reimbursed if You Are a Student

  • If you’re new to the area and need help getting settled, you can apply for Relocation Assistance.
  • Participate in Team Depot Volunteer Events to network with other Home Depot employees.
  • You can take advantage of discounts and perks by participating in the Matching Gift Program.
  • Help with the cost of adopting a pet. You must be one happy camper if you own a pet.

Help for Family Members with Disabilities | Met Desk

  • Home Depot offers associate discounts at all of their stores as a thank you for your service. If you have a MyTHDHR account, you can quickly and easily access the discounts there.
  • Health Promotion Tobacco Abstaining and Tax Preparation Discount Program
  • Prepare a Dependent Care Emergency Fund as a fallback for your job.

How to Sign in To My Thdhr

The Home Depot has made it simple to get Mythdhr through their website. Please find below a detailed walkthrough of the login procedure.

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To Enter, Just Do as Follows


  • Using any device that can connect to the internet, go to
  • To view your schedule, click Kronos My schedule in the top left corner of the screen if you’re using a personal computer to access the site.
  • Access the login page by selecting my schedule from the menu on your mobile device.
  • Select the right language from the drop-down menu and continue. Identify the language in which you are most fluent.
  • After choosing a language, enter your desired store range.
  • Select the “Location” menu item and then type in your current coordinates. You should listen up if you’re from the Hawaiian Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the Virgin Islands.
  • Please enter your credentials in the appropriate places immediately.
  • The next step is to fill in the blanks with your Username and Password.

Having Trouble Signing Into Mythdhr?

  • Invalid credentials, such as a username or password, can prevent successful login. These problems are extremely common.
  • Password for Mythdhr Lost
  • Follow these instructions to change your password:
  • The password reset button can be accessed by clicking here. It’ll take you back to’s home page.
  • Input your portal account’s username or email address here.
  • Try solving the reCaptcha to continue.
  • A new password reset link will be sent to you in a confirmation email. The verification code allows you to make the adjustment manually.

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Lost Mythdhr Password

  • If you forgot your Mythdhr Username, you can get it back by following these steps:
  • Go to the login page and look for the option to change your username or reset your password.
  • Be sure to fill in all fields.
  • Also, if prompted, provide your birth date.
  • If you don’t see a reset button, talk to a DM or management.


Employees, in the eyes of The Home Depot®, are the company’s biggest asset in an increasingly cutthroat industry. THDHR’s mission is to build an exceptional team and to keep them engaged and productive. The Mythdhr site is a crowning achievement in providing easy access to one’s personnel records. ​