Natalia Dyer Talked Openly About the “Lovely” Stranger Things 4 Dynamic Between Steve & Nancy!

Season 4 finale of Stranger Things spoilers coming. Stacy shippers rejoiced in the new volume, which had a few moments of lightheartedness in the Season 4 finale (RIP Eddie… and maybe Max?).

Eddie was able to see for himself how much Nancy cared for Steve when she jumped into the Upside Down to save him in Volume 1. The episode ends with Eddie telling the audience that if he were him, he’d go after her. “Because this cynical eye has never seen a clearer proof of sincere love.”

Apparently, Steve was moved by Eddie’s counsel, because he acted on it (and it’s wonderful) in Volume 2 (and it was).

After telling Nancy that he had always wished for a family of six children, he subsequently explained to her that Nancy was the most essential component of that ideal. This is where you need to be, he says. “I’ve always known you were there.” Aww…

Natalia Dyer Talked Openly About the "Lovely" Stranger Things 4 Dynamic Between Steve & Nancy

There’s a spark between the two, but it’s cut short by Robin, and Jonathan’s reappearance at the end of the episode only adds to the confusion. Steve, on the other hand, has “really grown up quite a bit,” according to Nancy’s boyfriend. Jonathan asks if their relationship is still going strong, and she responds that “life keeps throwing stuff in the way of our huge goals.”

For the time being, ‘Stranger Things’ has kept Nancy and Jonathan together. From Netflix:


Currently, where is the Stranger Things love triangle? “It’s incredibly tough,” says Nancy’s Natalia Dyer in a recent interview with Variety. In real life, she is in a relationship with Jonathan’s co-star Charlie Heaton, but on screen, she may be looking for something new for Nancy. This seems like a long relationship, so maybe she needs time to discover herself.” Whatever she decides to do, Dyer added in the interview on July 4th, “I hope she does it with integrity.” “I had a nagging suspicion about how the Jonathan saga got started behind Steve’s back.” My jaw dropped when I saw her do that. “I mean, I can,” she replied.

Dyer also noted that “Nancy and Steve have come so far,” and she stated she’s here for their new dynamic

—whatever you call it. According to her, “what this season focuses on is the fact that these two individuals do care about one other and that hasn’t gone away,” she explained. “I don’t know what that is or what label you want to give it,

Natalia Dyer Talked Openly About the "Lovely" Stranger Things 4 Dynamic Between Steve & Nancy

but we see these individuals meet again after they have grown up and gone through life with it. As a result, it was a joy to participate in. It was both amusing and heartwarming.”
Dyer says she has no idea where the show’s fifth and final season will go, but she appreciates the fact that the characters “at least still care about one another.”

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