Nayte Olukoya Denies Cheating Rumors After Michelle Young’s Split!

Nayte Olukoya argues that adultery was not the cause of his breakup with Michelle Young on the “Bachelorette.” I did not cheat,” the reality star stated in a lengthy statement posted to his social media accounts over the weekend.

In response to rumors that Season 18 “Bachelorette” Olukoya had been unfaithful to her, the Season 25 “Bachelor” entered the public eye as a participant on the 25th season of “The Bachelor.” No. 2 in his two-part piece on the split reads, “Not every breakup needs to have someone to blame,” he writes.

What about the piercings and tattoos, do you think?

After confirming his own subjective assessment, he continued, “Yes, many of you tend to paint me as a red flag/f–k boy.” What about the piercings and tattoos, do you think? Who knows? In reality, I’m a great guy who only wants to get better. Because that’s what every one of us should want for ourselves.” a larger version of this image The denial of cheating allegations by Nayte Olukoya

The Factual Claim that His Name Is Named by The Number 13

On Sunday night, nayta Olukoya posted a lengthy denial on Instagram. A seemingly uninvited offering of what appears to be a personal, existential mantra was preceded by the factual claim that his name is named by the number 13. On his blog, he stated, “My name is Babatunde Babatunde Olufemi Robert Nathaniel Olukoya, and my life will never be dictated by the opinions of others.” “Period,” he said, putting an end to the definitive statement.

Nayte Olukoya Denies Cheating Rumors After Michelle Young's Split!

According to Page Six, Olukoya and Young Split Early This Month.

For those who have sent good words and respect to Michelle and me, and for those who have shown concern for our well-being, thank you.” Thanks a lot!” ” .” were the final two emojis he used to end his message. According to Page Six, Olukoya and Young split early this month. Claims of the couple’s breakup surfaced just weeks after Young openly denied the rumors.

In a statement, Young said, “I will always acknowledge and appreciate the adventures, support, and progress both Nayte and this journey have offered me. At the same time, I’m in a lot of pain and will need space and time to heal.” ‘Michelle and I are going to move forward individually,’ Olukoya said in a separate disclosure at the time. Emotions and feelings are running high, but we’re doing our best to deal with it.” This breakup will not change the fact that he and Michelle are “naturally private people,” he said.

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