NCIS Season 20 Episode 20 Is About Jimmy’s College Foe!

The narrative will be titled Second Opinion and will air on NCIS season 20 episode 20 the following week. Would you like to find out more about what lies ahead?

First and foremost, let’s highlight that, following tonight’s episode, which put Jessica Knight in the forefront, this storyline might be taking a different turn. What specifically are we discussing?

Let’s just say that this story will provide us an opportunity to see Jimmy in the spotlight thanks to a character from his past in addition to providing a case. We’re okay with the subplot’s seeming humorous nature since it makes sense. It’s wonderful to change things up occasionally, but could we also have a Knight and Shining Palmer moment or two? We certainly hope so.

NCIS season 20 episode 20

Check out The Complete Episode 20 Summary Listed Below for More Information:

Second Thought The murder of a senator’s daughter with a reputation for rebellion and a sizable online following is being investigated by NCIS. On Monday, May 8 (9:00–10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and accessible life and on-demand on Paramount+*, Jimmy engages in rivalry with a former collegiate opponent.

NCIS season 20 episode 20

While we are aware that this season has only three episodes left, we would not say that anything you see in this episode will necessarily have an impact on the finale. Instead, we simply have a tendency to believe that we will learn more about that, if at all, in episode 21.

While we occasionally enjoy the larger arcs, they work best when they have a clear goal in mind. This show stays fairly true to its procedural roots. If that occurs here, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Is there anything that you are most excited to see moving into NCIS season 20 episode 20 on CBS?

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NCIS season 20 episode