Netflix App: How Does The Netflix Mobile App Works?

There are several gadgets that support Netflix. You could already have the Netflix app installed, or you might have to download it.

  • Netflix download for tablets and mobile devices
  • From your tablet or smartphone, click the link for your device to install Netflix.
  • iPhones or iPads from Apple
  • Using an Android device
  • iOS or Android devices

Watching Netflix on a computer

By going to, registering in, or making a new account, you can access Netflix from your web browser. Additionally, you can download the Netflix app for Windows if your machine runs Windows 8 or a later version. You can get the Netflix app from the Google Play Store if you have a ChromeOS machine.

Netflix usage on smart TVs, streaming media devices, game consoles, set-top boxes, or Blu-ray players

You may access Netflix from the main menu of most devices or through a Netflix button on your remote control. If you can’t find Netflix on the main menu or using the remote, check to see if your device has an app store where you may get the Netflix app. If you can’t find the app store or don’t see Netflix listed, get in touch with the maker of your device to find out how to access Netflix.

netflix app: How the Netflix Mobile App Works

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How to Download Netflix to Your Phone

You may find Netflix Mobile by searching for the app in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, iTunes Store, or Android Marketplace. Use your current Netflix login information to stream movies that are already in your Instant Queue. Without a subscription, you can download the app, but nothing will happen. In that scenario, test out the service during the company’s free trial period of one month.

If you have a Droid, see if it is supported by Netflix by searching their database of devices. The reason for the exclusivity is that Android phones are “fragmented,” which basically means that carriers and phone makers have customized so many different sorts of Androids that each one has its own software [source: Krazit]. Each app requires time to create, and Netflix is working to address this. Users of mobile platforms from Apple and Windows have complete integration or no variation. Total integration enables access to any apps made for every Apple device (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) and Windows Phone.

A device restriction is another issue to be aware of. Netflix allows you to add up to 50 devices per account, but only six of those devices can be used simultaneously. Therefore, the more smartphones and tablets you activate, the less equipment you’ll be allowed to use at home, including laptops, DVD players, and streaming boxes like Roku. Up to four mobile devices can stream at once if you have the most complete Netflix subscription, which costs $51.98 per month and includes unlimited streaming and eight DVDs at a time. However, smaller memberships only permit one or two devices to stream simultaneously [source: Netflix].

netflix app: How the Netflix Mobile App Works

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Features of the mobile Netflix app

When you have the mobile app, you’ll be curious about what it can do. Everything that is possible on the Netflix website, is the solution. only scaled down

In actuality, the only size-related tradeoff made by Netflix Mobile is its small screen and tiny buttons, which make it uncomfortable to share for the duration of a movie [source: Ackerman]. The remaining features are identical. You can choose from the same streaming options as on the Netflix website. (These are scarce in comparison to the selection of DVDs.) Movies can be resumed where you left off, and buffering happens quickly. High-quality buttons that can be easily understood are used to control streaming.

netflix app: How the Netflix Mobile App Works

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Make sure your data plan can handle the high demands of streaming before purchasing. Since streaming video uses up a lot of data, check with your phone carrier to see if you’ll be charged extra if you go over your data allotment. A two-hour Netflix streaming will consume about 300 MB of data [source: Miller].