Nick Cannon’s Reasons for Opposing Chemotherapy for His Late Son Zen’s Brain Tumor.!

a challenging decision. In an open letter, Nick Cannon explained why he and Alyssa Scott did not want their late son Zen to get chemotherapy treatment for a brain tumor.

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I couldn’t imagine your son having to through chemotherapy after seeing him hooked up to all of that equipment and after he had to undergo a shunt two or three times, which was horrible each time even in that little length of time. Cannon, 42, stated on an episode of The Checkup With Dr. David Agus that aired on Tuesday, December 13. Zen passed away in December 2021 due to a brain tumor. He was five months old.

The Masked Singerhost revealed that he and Scott, 29, decided against using shunts to drain fluid from their son’s brain and instead chose other forms of treatment.

Nick Cannon's Reasons for Opposing Chemotherapy for His Late Son Zen's Brain Tumor.!

That seemed logical to me. He felt less discomfort, and the surgery went quickly. He said it was all about the quality of life.

Doctors advised the Californian that chemotherapy wouldn’t prolong Zen’s life or lessen his misery, so Cannon made the decision to concentrate on the things he could control.

From that point on, they basically informed me that your boy might survive to be 3 or 4 years old in the best-case scenario. So when I heard that, the first thing I thought of was quality of life. He said in the Paramount+ series, “I wanted him to have the best experience he could have.”

The Gigolo guitarist has personal experience with the negative consequences of chemotherapy after having it administered to him as a lupus treatment.

Nick Cannon‘s Late Son Zen’s Sweetest Photos

As a fully grown man, I was aware of the process through which my hair was thinning, Cannon remembered. It drained everything from you; I wouldn’t even call it agony. I couldn’t even begin to think what that would do to a newborn.

Nick Cannon's Reasons for Opposing Chemotherapy for His Late Son Zen's Brain Tumor.!

The second child The All That Alum and Scott are expecting is due later this month. On December 5, the day of Zen’s passing, Cannon released a touching message.

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I can’t believe it’s already been a year since the most difficult day of my life. What a sad anniversary. He wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo of him cradling his infant son, “Losing a child has to be the darkest, most dismal, and melancholy feeling that I will never get over.

” I repress a mixture of sorrow, pain, and guilt every day. I am far from perfect and frequently fail to live up to my potential and make choices in my life that many find troubling, yet anyone who knows me is aware of my sincere nature. I wish my little man could have experienced more of that love while he was on Earth because I love fiercely, deeply, and completely.

Nick Cannon's Reasons for Opposing Chemotherapy for His Late Son Zen's Brain Tumor.!

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The Drumlinestar is also the father of the following children: the twins Monroe and Moroccan, 11, who he shares with his ex-wife Mariah Carey; the sons Golden, 5, and Rise, 3, and the daughter Powerful, 2, who he shares with Brittany Bell; the twin boys Zion and Zillion, 17, who he shares with Abby De La Rosa; the daughter Beautiful, 1, who he shares with Bre Tiesi; and the daughter Onyx, 3, who he shares with LAN