Nine Perfect Strangers Review: The Posh Drama Starring Nicole Kidman Is Deceptively Appealing!

Based on Liane Moriarty’s 2018 novel of the same name, Nine Perfect Strangers is an American drama streaming television miniseries. The series debuted on Hulu on August 18, 2021, and was created by David E. Kelley, who also worked on its development with John Henry Butterworth.

Nine Perfect Strangers storyline

This can be summed up in one sentence: In the novel Nine Perfect Strangers, a group of people attends a posh but odd healing retreat where they all work through personal problems. They discover that it’s all a part of her experimental therapy where she’s been giving them micro-doses of LSD later when they are imprisoned in a room under the resort director Masha’s command.

nine perfect strangers review

For a 10-day vacation, a group of people arrives at the Tranquillium House, a wellness facility. Along with Ben and Jessica, a wealthy young couple, Frances, a romance author, Lars, a health retreat addict, Carmel, a divorced single mother, and Tony (divorcee). The Marconi family, which consists of Napoleon (a teacher), his wife Heather, and their daughter Zoe, is another option.

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The restrictions at Tranquillium House are peculiar and strict. We discover more about the reasons for everyone’s presence as the visitors engage in activities like walks, counseling, and meditation. Zach was the Marconis’ lost kid. The lotto wins altered Ben and Jessica’s relationship.

Cast and Figures

  • Masha Dmitrichenko, the creator of the Tranquillum House wellness facility, is portrayed by Nicole Kidman.
  • Frances Welty, played by Melissa McCarthy, is an author who struggles with both her personal and professional life.
  • Napoleon Marconi, played by Michael Shannon, was a high school teacher who lost his son. He was Heather’s husband and Zoe’s father.
  • Lars Lee, a man who arrives at the resort with a secret intent, is played by Luke Evans.
  • Social media influencer Jessica Chandler, played by Samara Weaving, is Ben’s wife.
  • Asher Keddie portrays Heather Marconi, the mother of Zoe and the wife of Napoleon, as she grieves the loss of her son.
  • Ben Chandler, who plays Melvin Gregg, is Jessica’s affluent lottery-won husband.

How Did Nine Perfect Strangers End?

involving heavy drug use. However, didn’t you anticipate that? Carmel (Regina Hall) exposed her cloudy eye at the end of Episode 7 after taking out a contact. Everything was fixed after that realization. Masha (Nicole Kidman) was shot by Carmel all those years ago; this attack prompted Masha to build Tranquillum House. Carmel went ballistic after learning that Masha was having an affair with her husband and arrived at this resort to find out what Masha had been up to.

nine perfect strangers review

Therefore, Carmel definitely gave out the insane emotions you were expecting. Masha pardoned Carmel, though, and imprisoned her in a sensory deprivation chamber as opposed to expelling her. Eight more to go after one stranger.

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Masha went to the Marconi family after physically confronting her foe. Recall how Masha used some LSD to reassure Napoleon (Michael Shannon), Heather (Asher Keddie), and Zoe (Grace Van Patten) that it was okay for them to experience a drug trip in order to see their deceased son. She did omit some significant information.

How Did Nine Perfect Strangers the Book End?

nine perfect strangers review

The finale of the book was essentially preserved in Hulu’s version. A significant portion of the book dealt with the fire that broke out after a drug binge, and Masha does get arrested much like in the TV show. But there were also a few really significant adjustments.

The largest one involves Carmel. In the book, Carmel is merely a resentful, affluent woman going through a divorce. She is not the shooter who came very close to killing Masha. It was an arbitrary individual who opened fire. Similarly, Masha never feels threatened by threatening calls or texts in the book.

Nine Perfect Strangers’ review

Nine visitors who have come to a five-star resort with all kinds of baggage, including secrets and falsehoods, find themselves stuck there. This would set up a critique of their ivory-tower beliefs if it were a Bunuel film. If this were an Agatha Christie thriller, there would be plenty of opportunity for murder, mystery, and “the tiny grey cells” to get a good workout. However, based on a less successful Liane Moriarty book, Nine Perfect Strangers is a pretend prestige drama.

What we actually get is accelerated self-discovery fed by a diet of customized wellness smoothies. Even after the visitors discover the smoothies were LSD-laced against their will, they are unable to break free of the charismatic proprietor of the resort, played by Nicole Kidman.

nine perfect strangers review

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A piece of fenced-in California paradise, gated in to keep the underprivileged out, serves as the backdrop for David E. Kelley‘s new television series. In Tranquillum House’s yoga dome and hot springs, the wealthy may take a break from their oh-so-chaotic existence to relax and recharge. As the visitors engage in increasingly outlandish forms of therapy, a variety of issues, including loss, addiction, low self-esteem, and waning closeness, become apparent.