When are Bastion and Torbjorn going to be back in Overwatch 2?

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Veteran Overwatch characters Bastion and Torbj rn are now “absent” from Overwatch 2, and players are going crazy trying to find out when they will make a full comeback.

Overwatch 2’s numerous flaws and generally rocky debut have deepened the mystery surrounding Bastion and Torbj rn’s disappearance. Initially, fans thought that the missing heroes were just another Overwatch 2 issue. Even if that does appear to be a contributing factor, the whole account of the disappeared heroes presents a slightly different (and extremely perplexing) picture.

So when will those adored seasoned Overwatch characters be making a comeback? Here is what we currently know.

Overwatch 2: Why Were Bastion and Torbj rn Removed from the Game?

On October 10, Bastion and Torbj rn were taken out of Overwatch 2 because of “problems in their ability kits.” The Overwatch 2 team tweeted to confirm the information:

When are Bastion and Torbjorn going to be back in Overwatch 2?

In particular, it appears that faults that were influencing several of Bastion’s and Torbj rn’s major abilities caused both of them to be substantially more powerful than intended.

Players were able to fire many more artillery shells than intended because of Bastion’s Ultimate ability (Configuration: Artillery). There is evidence from “pre-removal” Bastion that some exploits allowed players to fire many more shells than the three that were intended. Without a doubt, it was destroying matches.

The circumstances at Torbj rn are a little unusual. Currently, the most widely accepted idea is that Torbj rn’s Overload ability, which increases his attack power, health, speed, and reload time, lasted twice as long as it was supposed to. As of the time of this writing, Blizzard has not officially disclosed which issues were impacting those characters.

When are Bastion and Torbjorn going to be back in Overwatch 2?

Although there is considerable disagreement over the precise nature of their problems, we are aware that they were not functioning as anticipated. The longer both heroes are excluded from (or constrained in) the game’s various modes, the more compelling that argument has grown.

In relation to that…

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Overwatch 2: When Are Bastion and Torbj rn Returning to the Game?

When Bastion and Torbj rn will be fully returned to Overwatch 2’s roster is currently unknown. Torbj rn can currently only be played in Overwatch 2’s Quick Play mode. He’s not accessible right now for competitive play. In the meantime, Bastion is still unavailable in all of Overwatch 2’s multiplayer game types.

Why the wait? Actually, the Overwatch 2 team still hasn’t offered a formal response to that query. After being removed from the action for a few days, many people anticipated seeing those two characters return. However, it has already been more than a week and there is still no word on when they will be put back to all game types.

It’s very probable that the Overwatch 2 team just hasn’t been able to satisfactorily address the initial issues with those characters. It’s also plausible that the two were causing more problems than fans realized given how those characters’ problems coincided (perhaps coincidentally) with other character roster faults.

If you’re really inclined to wear your tinfoil hat, you should be aware that many Overwatch 2 players don’t appear to be overly unhappy that these characters are still missing. Fans would undoubtedly appreciate an explanation, but many of them believe that Bastion and Torb were “cheap” heroes who were hurting the competitive atmosphere of the game.

When are Bastion and Torbjorn going to be back in Overwatch 2?

The Overwatch 2 team may be waiting to see how the game performs without those two in the competitive pool as a result. If so, the two might not appear again until Overwatch 2’s comprehensive balance patch, which is anticipated to be delivered in December.

My personal prediction is that Bastion and Torb will make a comeback earlier, albeit with some minor changes. It is starting to seem a little more logical to assume that the team is waiting to see how the 2meta plays out before reintroducing a few potentially hazardous variables given that they weren’t added back to Competitive alongside new healer Kiriko (who was added to the game’s Competitive play mode today).