Paige Drummond Engaged: Ree Drummond Reveals up About Her Daughter’s Stunning Ranch Wedding!

A well-known blogger and celebrity chef’s daughter, Paige Drummond is the second of the Drummond family to be born. He has a special bond with his mother because he is the second oldest of four children.

Paige Drummond Biography

In the state of Oklahoma, Paige Drummond was born to parents Ree and Ladd Drummond. Bryce and Todd are her younger brothers, whereas Alex, her older sister, is her only sibling. Pioneer Woman and Tasty Food author Ree Drummond is her mother, and she is a well-known food blogger.

For Paige Drummond, her elder sister Alex is the most important person in her life. Her college sweetheart, Mauricio, has proposed to her. The two of them have been seeing each other since last year and recently decided to take their relationship to a new level. Paige appeared to be in the middle of a bridesmaid’s euphoria.

Paige Drummond Career

Paige Drummond has returned to school to finish her degree. Yet, she hasn’t made up her mind about a career path. We will update her professional goals as soon as we obtain more information.

paige drummond engaged
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Paige Drummond Engaged?

Her daughter’s boyfriends aren’t referred to as “boyfriends” by Drummond. Paige Drummond and Mitchell Adams are in a relationship. Drummond referred to her husband Mauricio as “Alex’s friend” when her oldest child, Alex, began seeing him. Until Alex and Mauricio were engaged, she kept doing this. On the Drummond estate, the couple married last year in a ceremony that was both intimate and magnificent in its beauty. In an Instagram post, Drummond explained why she doesn’t enjoy using the term “boyfriend” in her posts.

paige drummond engaged

According to Drummond, “I can’t mention the term ‘boyfriend’ as it relates to my daughters.” There is no way I can utter it.” Rather than being in denial or reluctant to accept the truth that my daughters are growing up, it’s more like an Elaine Benes thing” for me. Drummond continues by mentioning an episode of Seinfeld in which a character refers to her boyfriend as her fiancé. Mauricio Scott, Alex’s ex-husband, is also introduced by her.

Was there an episode of Seinfeld when the girl kept talking about her “fiancé” at the party all the time?” Have you seen my fiancé?” asks Drummond of his fiancée? My reaction to the term “boyfriend” is exactly like that. “My daughter’s boyfriend said this” and, “My daughter’s boyfriend said that” and “Have you seen my daughter’s boyfriend??” Regardless, I hope you like this picture of Alex with Mauricio, her FRIEND!

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Paige Drummond Once Shared Her Thoughts on Applying for ‘the Bachelor

A question-and-answer session dubbed “Ask Alex” was held on Instagram by Alex last year. It was suggested during this meeting that Paige she audition for The Bachelor because she was single at the time. Paige, on the other hand, was not on board. To which she replied, “I just really do not believe that is in the cards for me,” There were a few “no” votes from viewers of the video, but Alex says she wants to nominate her sister for the Bachelor.

paige drummond engaged

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Paige, on the other hand, is of the opinion that she should not be a part of the reality show. She exclaims, “I agree with them!” “I’m literally 22 and single,” she says afterward. Well, it appears that Paige is no longer single. Is there a chance that there may be another Drummond wedding? We’ll have to keep an open mind till then.

Ree Drummond Introduced Paige Drummond’s ‘friend’

In a Recent Instagram Post, Drummond Introduced Two New Items. First and Foremost, She Informed Her Followers that Paige Had a New Hairstyle. a “new Friend” Was Introduced by Drummond to Paige. We Can Fairly Assume Drummond Means This Is Paige’s Lover Based on The Way She Generally Refers to Her Children’s Love Interests. “Paige Gets a new hairstyle, as well as a new pal.

On her social media profile, Drummond adds, “OK, bye,” and ends her post. When Paige’s boyfriend first appeared on Drummond’s Instagram page in September 2021, she described him as “new.” Mauricio looks a lot like Paige’s “buddy,” according to many admirers. Mauricio is even pictured in a polo shirt and trousers, which is what he usually wears.

The young man in the picture was identified as Mauricio by one fan. He “looks like your son-in-law,” another fan commented. Alex’s husband-to-be was once called a “buddy” by Drummond before they got engaged, according to another person.