Paige Questions Lindsay’s Loyalty to Danielle Amid ‘Summer House’ Feuds.

Tea is being ruined! With concerns about blind allegiance and loyalty, Summer Houses Paige DeSorbog expressed her honest opinion regarding the bond between Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Oliver.

Summer House‘s seventh season, which debuted on February 13, featured growing tension between Kyle Cooke and Carl Radke. The girls of the house became involved after Danielle, 34, pushed herself into the turmoil by supporting Carl, 38, against Kyle’s accusations that he was a bad Loverboy employee.

On the Monday, February 27, episode, Ciara Miller noted, “There was a period when Carl was probably unemployable because he wasn’t showing up and Kyle took a chance on him.

Paige Questions Lindsay's Loyalty to Danielle Amid 'Summer House' Feuds

Amanda Batula, Kyle’s wife, also made an effort to set the record straight and let Danielle know that the problems between her husband, 40, and Carl were more complicated than anybody had realized.

There were numerous things [Carl] did for which I believe any other business would have dismissed him, During Monday’s episode, Amanda, 31, made a reference to Kyle’s earlier outburst in which he claimed Carl had been high at a previous workday. Things never changed. That was being expressed by coworkers of his.

The creative director of TheLoverboy then begged Danielle not to call Carl or his then-girlfriend Lindsay and stir the pot, but to just let the guys hash everything out. (Carl and Lindsay, who got engaged in August 2022, couldn’t defend themselves because they were out of town when the episode was taped.)

That vessel has left port. Danielle joked, stating that she texted them shortly after yelling at Kyle for making unfavorable remarks and spoke with her then-best friend and the former Loverboy vice president of sales.

I’m not furious at Danielle for telling Carl and Lindsay already, Amanda subsequently told the cameras. I simply want the conflict between Carl and Kyle to be resolved. I don’t want this to exacerbate the tension.

But, the issue grew when Kyle overheard Danielle say that he was too inebriated to discuss their current argument. Ciara, 27, playfully remarked during a confessional, “Kyle Cooke wins most dramatic in my book because I have never seen a man storm off as he does. The drama of the storm, honey!

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Paige, 30, questioned Danielle about why she got so involved in Kyle and Carl’s argument after Kyle excused himself from the issue and departed the pool party the group was at. (The ex-colleagues have subsequently cut ties professionally; Carl said in February that he no longer works for Loverboy.)

Ciara questioned Danielle, “Do you feel like the same individuals you ride for a ride for you?” Danielle replied, “I’m loyal to a fault.

The tech guru’s efforts have never been acknowledged by Danielle, Lindsay, 36, and Carl, according to Paige, who has been spending the summer with them for the past five years.

Have I ever had the impression that Lindsay rode for you the way you f-king ride for her, even for only one summer? No, the stylist informed Danielle, who was fighting back tears. I am positive that Carl and Lindsay would have remained silent if Kyle had spoken negatively about Danielle to us last night at supper.

Paige Questions Lindsay's Loyalty to Danielle Amid 'Summer House' Feuds

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Danielle and Lindsay’s friendship changed around the close of season 7’s filming in the summer of 2022, and the two experienced a serious falling-out. Later in the season, viewers will witness Lindsay and Carl’s unexpected engagement and Danielle’s reported lack of support for the couple.

Mondays at 9 p.m. ET, Bravo broadcasts Summer House.