Paris Hilton Says She Had an Abortion in Her 20s: “I Was Not Ready”.

relating their experiences. Several celebrities, both those with and without children, have spoken out in the past about having abortions.

In June 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade prompted a flood of celebrities to voice their outrage on social media.

I’m so incredibly afraid that this is where we are. Michelle Obama‘s statement about the court’s decision was reposted by Taylor Swift in a tweet. Today’s ruling has deprived us of that after so many years of people working for women’s rights to their own bodies.

Some Famous People Were Inspired to Openly Discuss Their Own Abortion Experiences.

Cheryl Burke said she had one when she was 18 years old and expressed her sadness about the court’s decision to reverse Roe.

Paris Hilton Says She Had an Abortion in Her 20s: "I Was Not Ready".

The Dancing With the Stars pro claimed in an Instagram video that if it weren’t for organizations like Planned Parenthood, she wouldn’t have become a mother, wouldn’t have made a good mother, and most likely wouldn’t be sitting here right now. I had an abortion while going through a very significant life transformation.

The native Californian continued by saying that while she had been taking birth control and condoms to engage in safe sex, accidents do occasionally occur. Burke said, “When I had my abortion, I was two weeks pregnant. I’m glad I chose that course of action. I don’t feel guilty. That is not an act of humiliation.

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After Texas approved legislation outlawing abortions beyond six weeks of pregnancy, Uma Thurman revealed the details of her abortion experience in September 2021. I was unintentionally impregnated by a considerably older man in my late teens, the Pulp Fiction actress recalled in an essay for The Washington Post. How could I keep the child, though?

Yet the Oscar candidate recognized that aborting the pregnancy was the better option after talking to her parents about it.

The decision I made to have an abortion when I was a teenager was the toughest of my life; it saddened me then, and it saddens me now, but it was the way to the life of joy and love I have known, she added. I was able to mature and become the mother I needed and wanted to be because I made the decision to not keep that early pregnancy.

Paris Hilton Says She Had an Abortion in Her 20s: "I Was Not Ready".

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