Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Announce The Pregnancy of Their Second baby-With a squirt Gun Announcement!

You can’t go wrong with some small football boots. Pat and Brittany were eager to learn the gender of their second child, Sterling, so they held sex reveal party for Baby No. 2 at their home.

‘Boy or girl???’ Brittany Lynne Fitness founder, 26, captioned an Instagram video from the celebration on Sunday, June 26. After consulting with their family and friends, the newlyweds fired water cannons at a target before painting a canvas blue to confirm that Baby Mahomes would be their first child.

As Soon as Matthews Learned She Was Pregnant

As soon as Matthews learned she was pregnant, she was overjoyed because she had correctly prophesied the arrival of a child. As ecstatic as the rest of them, the 26-year-old quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs dove into their pool – still wearing his clothes — to show his delight.

Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany announce the pregnancy of their second baby. With a squirt gun announcment

Following their Hawaiian wedding last March, the couple announced their second pregnancy earlier this month. When Sterling Skye Mahomes, 15 months, held up a sign reading “Big Sister Duties Coming Soon,” Mahomes and Matthews posted a May 29 Instagram carousel of Sterling putting up a sign reading “Round 2.”

The Former Soccer Player Were High School Sweethearts and Became Engaged in September

When Mahomes’ team won the Super Bowl the following year, the Texan and the former soccer player were high school sweethearts and became engaged in September 2020. It was just a matter of time until the couple revealed that they were expecting their first child.

February 2021 was Sterling’s birth date. When asked about his kid Today in July 2021, the professional athlete gushed, “Obviously, at first we wanted to keep matters secret and not have her out there. This next season, we hope to have her at games without having to worry about hiding her the entire time.

Texas Tech Alumna, Married Matthews in March, and The Flower Girl Was None Other than The Bridesmaid

As we started doing other activities and as she got bigger, being out and about became more of a hardship. In addition, he said, “We thought it was about time…. Some things will remain private, but we decided to display her face to the public at least a few times so that she wouldn’t have to be hidden any longer. Sterling, a Texas Tech alumna, married Matthews Brittany in March, and the flower girl was none other than the bridesmaid.

Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany announce the pregnancy of their second baby. With a squirt gun announcment

An Instagram post from the fitness trainer at the time showed footage of their daughter driving a toy car down the aisle. “Having your daughter involved in your wedding simply hits different,” he wrote. Sister, I love you so much.

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