Pencil Easy Drawings: Start by Learning How To Draw a Pencil?

A writing or drawing tool is the pencil. A long, thin piece of wood, a metal or plastic case, or a thin stick of graphite or a substance comparable to it serves as its casings.

By physically abrading the surface of the paper, pencil marks leave a trail of material that sticks to the paper.

A pencil is an indispensable drawing tool for both novices and specialists. To draw outlines, add shading, and many other things, there are particular pencils made for the job.

Start by learning how to draw a pencil.

Starting at the top of your page, draw a vertical, straight line. In doing so, this creates the pencil’s left side of the wood. Your choice of pencil length will determine the vertical line’s length. The vertical line is slightly off-center and to the left in the figure, as can be seen. The pencil will be drawn in the middle thanks to this.

The second step is to format the pencil on both sides.

The vertical line we drew in the previous step should be parallel to a second one that you draw. This results in the pencil’s right-side wood. By now, the pencil should have developed on both sides.

Next, draw the pencil’s top portion in step three.

At the top, draw a little horizontal line that joins the two ends of the vertical lines we drew in the preceding action.

pencil easy drawings

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Finalize the pencil’s shape in this step, which is step four.

To complete the pencil’s shape, draw a V-shaped line at the bottom. As a result, the pencil’s point is formed.

The pencil’s shape has now been completely sketched out after this stage.

The Eraser for the Pencil is then drawn in Step 5.

Remove the bottom line from the pencil’s top and draw a square instead.
As a result, the pencil and eraser become intimately connected. To correct any errors, use this area of the pencil.

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Taking the Point Away From the Wood in Step 6

The V-shaped line we previously created in the fourth step should have a short scalloped line directly above it. The pencil’s body and pointed tip are separated by this, creating a sharp edge.

The next step is to draw the pencil’s ferrule.

Under the pencil’s uppermost point, draw a horizontal line. Right beneath the eraser, this should result in a rectangle form. Make two progressively narrower lines inside the figure after that.

The metal cap on top of the pencil, known as the ferrule, is made as a result. Utilizing the complete length of your graphite is made possible by the ferrule, which lengthens your pencil. Erasers are also positioned here, with the pencil and eraser being joined directly.

Step 8: Next, decorate the wood with patterns.

Cross the length of the pencil with two fine vertical lines. Inspect the lines to make sure they are parallel to the pencil’s sharp tip.

This gives the pencil its characteristic hexagonal prism shape. The cylindrical shape of a pencil is another option. This step can be skipped if you prefer a pencil with a cylindrical shape.

Step 9: Draw the Lead on the Pencil’s Tip now.

Above the tip of the pencil, doodle a brief, thin horizontal line. In order to draw, we use the pencil’s sharpened lead, which is how we move the pencil over the paper.

Currently, the pencil sketch is at long last finished. To make the pencil vibrant, all that is left to do is add a few splashes of color.

pencil easy drawings

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The most exciting phase is now upon us—choosing the colors and coloring the pencil—because we have now successfully drawn a pencil.

Pencils typically have a brown tint because they are made of wood. But nowadays, pencils are available in almost all colors. In order to color the pencil, you now have a large selection of color choices.

Either utilize a different palette of colors or choose to color the pencil similarly to how we did in the example above. Regardless, the colors will be stunning, we can guarantee that!