Ping Your Hosts, Such as Servers, Websites, and Ap Is

The ping tool from Uptrends sends out requests from more than 40 of our 230 checkpoints worldwide. Alternatively, you can check by area, such as Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Asia, or the Middle East. Three requests are made at each checkpoint site, and each one is followed by a timer and an error checker. You can uncover problematic connection paths with the use of useful traceroutes.

Use a URL (connection includes DNS resolution) or the IP address directly for IPv4 systems. Only using the IP address, test IPv6 connections. If your website, server, or device is ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) capable, our Ping Test tool can provide you with a thorough evaluation of how responsive your device is.

What Is Ping?

ping test

A network address is checked to verify if it is reachable using the tool Ping. You can see in a small window provided by the tool how quickly and how available each device is. Each checkpoint broadcasts three ICMP packets to the host IP address, then waits for each one to receive a reply. You are provided with information on any problems or packet loss as well as the response timings for each request.

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Describe Ping

To create queries and manage responses, Ping makes use of the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP). Ping tests send ICMP packets from the local device to the distant one. As an ICMP ping request, the arriving messages are recognized by the recipient device as such, and an appropriate response is sent. The ping time is the interval between when a request is sent and when a response is received on a local device.

Using Ping to Contact Networked Devices

  • The ping command in the Windows OS carries out ping tests. It can be executed using the Command Prompt and is part of the system. To ping a device, you need to know either its IP address or hostname.
  • A router with the IP address can be contacted using the following Windows command:
  • Using the hostname as an example, the following syntax can be used to ping the website:

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Ping Test Interpretation

A website like will respond to a ping with the following response: In this case, Lifewire’s IP address was the one that was being ping-tested, and it belonged to them. Following the response time comes the buffer size, which is 32 bytes.

Depending on how well the connection works, a ping test yields different results. Ping test results show a latency of less than 100 ms, and frequently less than 30 ms, indicating a strong broadband internet connection. More than 500 ms of delay is possible with a satellite internet connection.

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The Ping Test’s Drawbacks

ping test

At the moment a test is done, Ping precisely measures connections between two machines. Old test results are useless because the network conditions can change at any time. In addition, the results of an internet ping test vary significantly depending on the server that is selected as the target.

Pick user-friendly ping tools and direct them to the proper servers and services you want to troubleshoot in order to get the most out of ping testing.