A Chair All Over? Pink Reveals More Information Regarding Christina Aguilera Controversy.

No longer a dispute? Pink is providing more background for the story after potentially rekindling her feud with Christina Aguilera.

Friends or Foes? Pink and Xtina s Ups and Downs Over the Years

The 43-year-old singer of the Just Gives Me a Reason song joined CNN’s Chris Wallace for a video interview that was released on Friday, February 24. The 75-year-old journalist then inquired about an alleged argument between her and Aguilera, 42, about who would sing which verses of the Lady Marmalade rendition they performed in 2001 with Lil Kim and Mya.

Pink stated in the interview that it’s okay for not everyone to get along. And back then, it was okay that our personalities did not mesh at all. Then we gave each other big hugs and kisses like we have many times since.

A Chair All Over? Pink Reveals More Information Regarding Christina Aguilera Controversy.

The Try performer’s statements, which were included in her 2009 VH1 Behind the Music special, are what are in dispute. Pink claimed at the time that label chief Ron Fair arrived and demanded that the Genie in a Bottle singer receive most of the singing duties. But, Pink provided a different account of what transpired during her conversation with the news reporter.

I didn’t realize I was sitting in [Christina’s] chair and [she] was going to shut down the entire production because [she] was mad that I was. I was a homeless person when I was 15; you cannot speak to me in any way. You made a poor choice.

After detailing the events, Pink emphasized that she and the Voicealum had resolved their differences. Wallace persisted in telling the vocalist of So What that her account of the events was fascinating.

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Although it’s an intriguing tale, Pink noted that it probably occurs daily in every company. People simply don’t always get along, but eventually, they work it out and understand what’s essential. After exchanging hugs, they part ways.

The Grammy winner gained notoriety earlier this week when she appeared to criticize Aguilera during an interview with BuzzFeed UK about her unpleasant experience filming the hit song from the movie Moulin Rouge!

A Chair All Over? Pink Reveals More Information Regarding Christina Aguilera Controversy.

Pink admitted to the British site in an interview that was released on Friday, February 17, that it wasn’t really enjoyable to make. I love having fun, and there was a lot of fuss and some personalities. Mya and Kim were pleasant.

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The Get the Party Started musician clarified her relationship with the Burlesque actress a day later.

Who was on that song was a result of Xtina. If you don’t already know, I’m not trying to make someone look bad by repeating what truly occurred, as she tweeted at the time. I have absolutely no interest in your f****** drama. I’m a little busy selling [albums and concert tickets] if you haven’t noticed.