Pokemon Go Friend Codes: List Available Pokemon Go Friends for August 2022 (active)

Pokemon Go Friend Codes for Free Gifts, Raids, Trades, and XP in August 2022: Niantic created the Pokemon franchise game Pokemon Go for both Android and iOS devices. Players must pursue and catch virtual Pokemon species in this game, which simulate real-world pursuit.

Millions of players across the world have downloaded Pokemon Go, which is completely free to play. One of the most popular and downloaded games to date is Pokemon Go. Come check out the article for today to discover what’s new.

Pokemon Go friend codes list: fully functional codes

Here is a list of all currently used and functional codes. When playing this game online, you can meet new people. Here, you can add 400 pals. However, you can only have 400 pals at a time. Then you must let go of some of your old acquaintances and accept new ones. These pals could be from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, etc. Along with the country name and player rating, the codes are listed in the list. Browse the list below:

pokemon go friend codes

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List of available Pokemon Go friends for August 2022 (Active)

Our Nireh.org team is dedicated to assisting Pokemon Go players or gamers who are passionate about playing with both friends and complete strangers. So, today, we got a ton of Pokemon Go buddy codes from individuals who are online and ready to play on Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit. so that players can benefit from freebies, trades, boosts, raids, XP, PvP, and a ton of other things. The following codes, which will be updated daily and hourly, are fully functional and live as of the article’s update.

Additionally, players who wish to submit their codes in order to obtain buddies from this page may do so in the box below. You can connect with Pokemon Go friends from all around the world, including France, Germany, India, Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Paris, Poland, Germany, Scotland, New York, Australia, Thailand, England, South Africa, Bangladesh, etc. Therefore, everyone can connect using the QR code below.

How can I find my Pokemon Go code?

By sharing your own code, you enable people to add you to their list of friends. Just click the “add friend” button under the trainer’s profile photo. You can receive your Pokemon Go code there. Through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or any other social media, you are permitted to share the code with your buddy or anybody else.

pokemon go friend codes

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What advantages do Pokemon Go friend codes offer?

In the world of gaming, codes in online games have never offended players. These codes always help gamers because they unlock fun prizes. Don’t miss the opportunity to use these coupons to add new pals if you are an avid player of this game. You will have a chance to earn Red capture balls, XP, Red Attack Bonus, CP boosts, Stardust discounts, etc. if you add new friends with these codes.

When you add some trustworthy friends, they can grant you 10,000 XP or even more. You and your companion become eligible to win a ton of fantastic eye-catching prizes when you both participate in a raid or combat together and reach a particular rating.

In the bottom left corner, select your Trainer’s face by clicking there. At the top of the screen, scroll to the “Friends” tab. Select “Add Friend” from the menu. To add, enter your Pokemon Go friend code there.

What are the current working Pokemon GO friend codes?

Valco – 9839 7617 8540

Evane93270 – 5159 4650 1158

8208 2387 0814 TheDarkRuki

CeceN13 – 3804 3095 5641

16mako77 – 6650 0195 5819

AB91183 – 4558 3702 4977

3573 1895 0520 DomosKokos26

Where do we find daily Pokemon Go friend codes?

Daily updates of new Pokemon Go friend codes from various countries that are now live will be made in our posts. Players should check back frequently for new codes.

pokemon go friend codes

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Can I safely add Unknown People to my Pokemon GO account?

Yes, it is safe since unauthorized individuals cannot access your username or password to steal your data or engage in negative behavior toward you.