Pokemon Unite Tier List: Pokémon Unite Tier List for Competitive Games!

The Pokémon Company’s first MOBA game, Pokémon UNITE, was released in July 2021 and has been playable on iOS and Android devices since September 2021. Despite the fact that there are currently more than 30 playable characters, not all of them are good choices for ranked play. Pokémon UNITE champions vary greatly in strength, and certain champions perform better overall. It’s not impossible to outperform other players with a Pokémon from the C or D tier, but it will undoubtedly take more specialized expertise and a thorough comprehension of the character’s virtues and shortcomings.

The tiers are explained.


The Pokémon at the top of UNITE’s meta will be in this location. Whether they are doing harm, providing support, or tanking, these Pokémon perform admirably. Some of them, like Hoopa, have abilities that many players deem broken but which may later be fixed.


Although these Pokémon aren’t the finest, they are nonetheless excellent selections for a ranked list. If you know how to use them and how the game should be played, the characters in this tier can perform as well as some of the S-tier options. Greedent is the ideal illustration of this. It probably won’t have much of an effect in someone new’s hands. Greedent can, however, quickly control games in the hands of a skilled player.

pokemon unite tier list

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This tier’s Pokémon are not necessarily overpowering or in need of buffs. They’re not a troll choice by any means; it’s just that some characters are superior or more convenient to utilize. Some of them, like as Blastoise, are better suited for team-oriented matchups than solo queue, where you can’t have the same influence.

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The creators ought to show these Pokémon some love. Some of them, like Zeraora, had excellent moments in the past but declined as a result of nerfs or the introduction of new champions that fared better in the meta. Others, like Mamoswine, have already received buffs but are still not at their full potential, at least in a single queue. They’re not unplayable, but you might become frustrated playing them in ranked.


The champions that need the most work to be competitive in UNITE’s ranked play are found in the D-tier. They are not particularly good at any area of the game, and the alternatives mentioned above them are capable of doing everything these Pokémon can do but better.

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Pokémon UNITE tier list for competitive games

pokemon unite tier list

Every time a new balance patch is made available or a new champion is included in the game, this tier list will be updated.