Prince Harry’s Memoir Is Probably the Reason Queen Elizabeth “would’ve Taken Some Action.”

An alternative response. According to royal analyst Christopher Andersen, Queen Elizabeth II probably wouldn’t have disregarded Prince Harry‘s book, Spare.

Prince Harry‘s ‘Spare’ Interviews: Biggest Royal Family Revelations

According to the author of The King: The Life of King Charles III, who spoke exclusively to US Weekly on January 11, nothing seemed to be able to faze the Queen. Proceed with caution. Similar to what she did with Diana, she most likely would have taken some action.

At the time, Princess Diana’s candid interview with Panora in November 1995 was thought to have been her own decision (it was t learned she was persuaded to give the interview after seeing forged documents until more than 20 years later).

Prince Harry's Memoir Is Probably the Reason Queen Elizabeth "would've Taken Some Action."

Diana famously referred to King Charles III‘s affair with Queen Consort Camilla in the bombshell TV special by saying, “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a little crowded.”

Even though the then-Princess of Wales said she had no wish to break her marriage, the queen encouraged the couple to divorce after three years of separation the following month.

The Queen wrote to the Prince and Princess earlier this week to express her opinion—which is shared by the Duke of Edinburgh—that an early divorce is preferable in light of the current circumstances.

According to a statement released by Buckingham Palace on December 21, 1995, the Prince of Wales shares this opinion and has let the Princess of Wales know since the letter. The Prince and Princess of Wales, and especially their children, will continue to receive all the support and assistance that they can get from the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh during this trying time.

Prince Harry's Memoir Is Probably the Reason Queen Elizabeth "would've Taken Some Action."

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Biggest Royal Family Scandals Through the Years

In February 1996, Diana consented to a divorce, and the legal separation was completed in August. One year after the divorce, she passed away in a vehicle accident in Paris.

Andersen informed us that the Duke of Sussex is in a comparable predicament with the revelation of bombshell after bombshell in his memoir, including an alleged physical altercation with Prince William and Charles’ embarrassing jokes about Harry’s paternity claims.

The moment [Queen Elizabeth] refused to permit a part-time royal status, this whole thing was undoubtedly started by her. She could have provided the Sussexes with any accommodations they required.

She decided against doing that. Because you’re either completely within or completely outside, the author explained. It was a crushing blow to him that she took away his military ranks and ceremonial ranks with apparently no remorse.

Prince Harry's Memoir Is Probably the Reason Queen Elizabeth "would've Taken Some Action."

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Prince Harry Discusses Queen Elizabeth’s Death in ‘Spare’

The specialist on royals thinks the next monarch may take a hint from his mother. As a result, I believe Charles may draw strength from her in the future and act decisively to put the situation behind him. I’m not sure if he can do that task before May. But eventually, he’ll probably have to, according to Andersen.