Prince William Ignores Reporter When Asked About Harry’s Memoir.

Prince William, Prince Harry. being silent. While at a charity event, Prince William was questioned about his brother Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, but he declined to comment on the contentious book.

Prince William and Prince Harry s Complicated Relationship Over the Years

During an appearance by the 40-year-old Prince and Princess of Wales at the Open Door charity in Merseyside, England, on January 12, reporter Inzamam Rashid of Sky News questioned William about whether or not he had read your brother’s book.

The reporter tried again after the Duke of Cornwall rejected his initial query. He yelled out, “Have you had a chance to read your brother’s book at all.” The prince again remained silent despite being clearly heard and instead led his wife out the door and into a waiting car.

Prince William Ignores Reporter When Asked About Harry’s Memoir

A video of the incident was then shared by Rashid on Twitter with the caption, “No response from Prince William as to whether he has read his brother’s book or not.”

Prince William and Princess Kate visited the Royal Liverpool University Hospital earlier in the day to dedicate the new medical centre. The couple ignored the reporters’ shouted inquiries about the younger prince’s book after they arrived. It was unclear, though, if the two were purposefully avoiding the reporters or simply had trouble hearing them over the high wind gusts.

The couple’s engagements come only two days after Harry, 38, released Spare, a book that went in-depth about Princess Diana’s death, his childhood, and conflicts with his older brother William and other members of the royal family.

In an excerpt from the memoir, the BetterUp CIO described a particularly nasty argument between the two in 2019 over Harry’s bride, Meghan Markle. The memoir was released on Tuesday, January 10.

It everything happened very quickly. The Invictus Games founder wrote, “So very quickly.” He knocked me to the ground by grabbing me by the collar, yanking off my necklace. When I landed on the dog bowl, it broke beneath me, the bits slicing into me. I lay there for a few period, confused, before rising to my feet and ordering him to leave.

Harry claimed that the argument started after William criticised the 41-year-old fringe actor for being tough and disrespectful. Harry went on to elaborate during his interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes on Sunday, January 9 about what precipitated the bitter confrontation.

I believe it was a culmination of his frustration. It happened at a time when he was being fed specific information by staff members in his office. Harry revealed to Cooper, 55, that he was also reading a lot of tabloid news items at the same time. Additionally, he had a few difficulties that had no basis in reality. My wife was being defended by me. And via the things he was saying, he was pursuing my wife even though she wasn’t present at the time. I was putting up a fight.

Prince William Ignores Reporter When Asked About Harry’s Memoir

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Prince Harry s Spare Memoir: Biggest Bombshells About Prince William

William and Buckingham Palace have not officially addressed the issue, but a source exclusively revealed to Us Weekly on January 11 that the Royal Military Academy alum is frightened beyond belief by the allegations contained in Harry’s book and subsequent interviews.

The insider indicated that [William] has lost even his ability to recognize his own brother. He tries to hold onto the hope that eventually there will be peace, but it’s difficult.

The insider claims that William doesn’t see how Harry can rejoin the royal family and that he is thrown off by how disrespectful and insensitive Harry is in the explosive and embarrassing autobiography against him, Princess Kate, and their father, King Charles III.

Harry claimed in Sparethat William eventually apologized for their tense argument, despite the fact that the two have undoubtedly found themselves at odds over the years.

Prince William Ignores Reporter When Asked About Harry’s Memoir

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Prince Harry s Quotes About Reconciling With Royal Family Amid Feud

The co-founder of Archwell described William as his archenemy and adored brother, elaborating on how the two have a complicated yet admiring relationship.

I care deeply about my brother. I really love him, Harry said during his 60-minute conversation. Between the two of us, there has been a lot of suffering, particularly during the past six years. Nothing I’ve ever written or included has ever been done with the intention of harming my family.