Pubg Mobile: How To Install the Newest Version of Pubg Mobile on IOs?

It’s quite easy to install PUBG Mobile on an Android device. Although VPN does function here, you are not required to use one. We’ll be utilizing an external app store by the name of TapTap. This website is particularly well-liked by foreign gamers and offers a selection of great games. So let’s look at how to use TapTap to install PUBG mobile on Android.

Visit the TapTap Mobile Client website and download the program there. The TapTap app can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Open the APK file after downloading to begin the installation process.

pubg mobile
  • Now launch the TapTap program and look for PUBG Mobile. You’ll notice two distinct versions, one global and the other Korean.
  • Whichever version you choose to use is entirely up to you. Once you’ve made up your mind, click “download.” Your game will be downloaded after you grant access to all of the storage.
  • Similar to before, you must wait until all of the files are installed before continuing with the installation procedure. PUBG from TapTap is available without a VPN. But occasionally, it might not function during installation.
  • Simply connect to any VPN while the installation procedure is underway if you are experiencing the same issue. However, whereas the international version needs a VPN, the Korean version does not.

How to Install the Newest Version of PUBG Mobile on iOS

It’s possible that iOS’s installation process is more complicated than Android’s. To play the game, you must utilize a VPN. Another approach, meanwhile, necessitates some adjustments to your App Store settings. So let’s look at every way for installing the most recent version of PUBG Mobile on iOS.

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Method 1: Using a VPN

  • Any VPN can be installed by opening the App Store.
  • After installing the VPN, connect to any location.
  • Open the App Store once more and type “PUBG Mobile” into the search bar after connecting your smartphone to a VPN.
  • You may now install the most recent version of PUBG Mobile from there and wait for it to finish installing.
  • Once it has been installed, PUBG mobile is available. Make sure your device is linked to a VPN anytime you play the game. Otherwise, your game won’t function.

Method 2: Modify the App Store’s Country Setting

A different approach is to change the location to a supported nation, such as Australia, the United States, or South Korea, in your App Store Settings. On any iOS device, follow these steps to change your region or nation:

pubg mobile

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  1. Click on your profile image at the top of the App Store to go to the Account area.
  2. Next, choose the country of your choice under the Country/Region option. Make sure you don’t have any active Apple Music or other subscriptions in the App Store. To change the country, you must cancel your subscription, if you have one. The best remedy for this is to make a new Apple ID and install PUBG mobile using it.
  3. Next, choose between South Korea and the United States. Set the nation to the United States or Australia if you want to download PUBG Mobile’s global edition; however, doing so occasionally necessitates the use of a VPN. Set the country to Korea if you prefer the Korean version; a VPN is not needed for this version.
  4. Next, provide the billing address’s information in its entirety. You can use this address generator website to get address information for any country or search for these facts on Google. Save all the information, then go on.
  5. Look for PUBG Mobile in the app store after changing the country. From there, you may now download the Korean version.
  6. After installation, launch the game and play whenever you want without a VPN.

You could occasionally encounter an error message in the app store saying “Account Not In This Store.” Simply sign out of your Apple ID and sign back in to fix this problem, which will identify the issue. PUBG Mobile should now be available for download and installation on smartphones.

pubg mobile

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Use Your Phone to Play PUBG Mobile

There are no other details to add. I’ve played PUBG on both Android and iOS. The games operate smoothly and rapidly despite being in Early Access. Even if the latency is minimal, the distance between you and the game’s servers could still have an impact on how fluid the game plays.