Real Debrid on Kodi? Does it actually work? Are there better alternatives?

If you want to set up a media center in your house, Kodi is a fantastic choice. Since it is adaptable to your needs, you may use it with anything from an Amazon Firestick to a lowly USB flash drive.

While there are several things you can do to improve the experience, the truth remains that many unofficial Kodi add-ons broadcast material from shady locations. A solution to this problem, Real Debrid provides links to other alternative file hosting services. What follows is an explanation of how Real Debrid functions and a discussion of some of the problems it causes for Kodi users.

Real Debrid is useless without any other plugins. These add-ons’ tendency to make licenced content available without restriction has hurt Kodi’s reputation. Before using Kodi for streaming, we advise our readers to check the local legislation.

Be aware that Kodi should only be used with content that you have the right to view. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech supports the idea that Kodi should be used for illegal purposes.

To Reiterate, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Is an Absolute Necessity When Using Kodi

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Anyone who uses Kodi should definitely invest in a VPN. To begin, they safeguard your data transfer by encrypting it; this prevents Man-in-the-Middle attacks and makes using public wifi for streaming safely. In addition, your ISP is less likely to slow your connection or sell your data because they have no idea what you’re doing online because they can’t see what you’re doing.

While using a virtual private network (VPN), your connection speed will be slower than normal. Video streaming uses a lot of data, so you’ll want a VPN that won’t slow you down too much. Before signing up with a VPN service, be sure you understand their logging policy.

It is suggested that you use NordVPN. It connects rapidly to servers all around the world and is compatible with all of the extensions we tried. To top it all off, NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can test it out without any financial risk.

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Just What Does “real Debrid” Entail?

Subscribers of Real Debrid have access to a plethora of additional file-hosting services. Pricing for subscriptions ranges from $3 ($3.17) for a one-month trial to $16 ($16.88) for a six-month membership.

When a member of the Kodi community chooses an item to stream, Real Debrid will offer up other connections from any of its 49 supported hosts. Because these URLs aren’t as widely used as the ones scraped by most third-party add-ons, they load faster and may even provide HD versions of the selected title.

Solely a small fraction of these servers, however, offer only legal content, and several of them, like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, already have official Kodi addons available. One more host is the infamous Mega platform, the website that took over for Megaupload after it was shut down by the US Department of Justice for copyright violations.

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Issues with Genuine Debrid

True Debrid has two major flaws. As a first step, it provides official Kodi users with minor benefits while rewarding those who seek out content that is not in the public domain.

Second, it’s not free of charge. This puts users of Real Debrid in a murky legal position, and despite the site’s assertion that it does not provide links to files that violate copyright laws, it does provide users with numerous additional options for downloading popular movies. If you use Kodi and are thinking about purchasing Real Debrid, you should know that this is a total contradiction.

The money could be better spent on a membership to one of the many high-quality streaming platforms instead. A respectable streaming service like Netflix, for instance, only adds a few dollars to your monthly bill. Based on the aforementioned, we do not advise Kodi users to sign up for or make use of Real Debrid. The Quality of Streaming Can Be Improved Without Real Debrid

You don’t have to use Real Debrid or anything like that to have better streaming quality. Unlike Real Debrid, the following remedies won’t drain your bank account and may be put into action in a matter of minutes.

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Avoid Isp Throttling by Connecting Over a VPN

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There have been cases of customers’ speeds being capped by their ISPs due to their streaming habits. This can slow you down so much that streaming videos will stutter or buffer indefinitely. A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to conceal your online actions and reduces the likelihood that your connection will be slowed.

Connecting to a new server may help resolve problems you’re having with your VPN, even if your connection speeds are sufficient. The IPVanish software lets you connect to the fastest server available at any given time. If you find a server in your country that works, you won’t have to stop watching content that is restricted to your region.

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Extra content links on Real Debrid could be available, but they would likely cost extra. This addon poses the same dangers as Streamhub, Exodus, Covenant, and others do since they charge users for access to premium content that comes from unauthorized sources.

In order to avoid contributing financially to a questionable organization, there are alternative methods available for enjoying high-quality streaming. Whether it’s slow loading times or a lack of high-definition content, you should be able to fix most problems with the advice given above.