Reminder App: The Top 5 Android Applications for Reminders!

Every now and then, we could all use a little reminder. We frequently get sidetracked from what we’re trying to do since our world is rife with distractions and flashy objects. As a result, setting reminders can sometimes be both beneficial and lifesaving. Reminders on Android can be used in a variety of ways. You can set them up in your calendar app, a specific to-do list app, and some other apps that are simply there to provide you with reminders when you need them.

The Top Android Applications for Reminders

  • Remember BZ
  • Alert Calendar
  • Gmail Keep Notes
  • Heynote
  • Reminders of Life
  • Remember BZ

A very basic to-do list software called BZ Reminder. You can set reminders, and the app will remind you of them when the time comes. The app’s feature set is extensive yet not overly long. For simpler management, you can color-code tasks and reminders. Additionally, it has Android Wear support, alarms, repeating chores (like weekly garbage pickup), and even hourly reminders for things like drinking water. Additionally, it includes widgets, a basic calendar, and other features.

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Alert Calendar

reminder app

The calendar and reminder apps Calendar Notify are both better than average. If necessary, you can utilize both because it syncs with Google Calendar. It provides a brief overview of your schedule and agenda in a stylish widget format.

Along with a great level of customization, you also receive several widgets. Of course, you may add reminders to the tasks on your calendar and receive alerts as necessary. A widget providing information and notifications on the home screen has many advantages.

Gmail Keep Notes

reminder app

The finest note-taking app right now is most likely Google Keep Notes. A to-do list app will probably come in two or three feature releases. It has teamwork capabilities that let you exchange notes with others. You can take notes using text, lists, photos, audio, and videos. Reminders are a straightforward but useful function. You can program notes to appear as notifications at specific times or locations.


In this market, Heynote is somewhat of a wildcard. Actually, it’s a note-taking app that has a live wallpaper component. You write reminders on your wallpaper and then re-apply them so that they are always visible on your home screen.

reminder app

It’s a clever technique to achieve the goal without using an additional widget or push notifications. Notes can be written over already-existing wallpaper or created over plain backdrops. Just keep in mind that this is a wallpaper app, so if you change your mind and don’t like it, you’ll still need to manually change your wallpaper back. As of the time of writing, it is also totally free.

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Reminders of Life

One of the straightforward reminder apps is Life Reminders. You can set deadlines for the tasks you create. The app merely serves as a reminder when the time has come. It can even plan phone calls or SMS/text message transmissions.

reminder app

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A task can be repeated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Seven different languages are supported, and the app also employs Material Design. The software is basic and effective in every other respect. Most of the functions are included in the free version.