Rental Car Hacks: 6 Car Rental Tips & Tricks You Need to Know!

The typical rental car reservation now costs about $109 per day. That is a significant sum of money for automobile rental! The best rental car tricks for tourists (as in, how can we save money renting a car) have been requested by our readers. In this post, we’ll share 9 tips and tricks for renting a car that can help you save money, save time, and steer clear of fees, delays, and other hassles.

Saving money, time, and hassle with rental car hacks: The Car Rental Tips & Tricks you Need to Know

Any trip almost always includes a rental car (business or pleasure). Additionally, if you are a business traveler, it’s probable that you will be spending a lot of time in a rental car. If you are a leisure traveler, it’s probable that your choice of a rental car will have a significant impact on how well your trip goes (ever try fitting a family of four into a little Kia?!).

rental car hacks

The cost of renting a car has increased recently. Rental car firms liquidated a sizable portion of their inventory in an effort to survive after a disastrous pandemic. However, as travel resumed, they soon discovered that they did not have enough stock to meet demand. And as a result, the cost of the few cars they did have increased, making your trip even more expensive. Ouch!

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Rental Car Hack #1: Skip the insurance.

The majority of rental automobile insurance is a frauds.

If you’re renting a car for business purposes, your company’s insurance probably covers it. Unless you actually have no other insurance alternatives anywhere else, you don’t need it. If so, you most likely do not travel for business. and more like a college student who is 26 years old:-).

Rental Car Hack #2: Sign up for reward programs.

By enrolling in travel rewards programs, if you’ve been following all of our travel advice and suggestions, you’ve been getting the most out of your travel expenses. Do not neglect to participate in a rental car company’s program. There are many advantages they provide that you can take advantage of (like scoring free rental days, upgrading to a luxury car, or skipping the normal rental car lines).

Listed below are some of the most well-known ones:

Rental Car Tip #3: Pay attention to the bonus programs the rental companies often offer: you could be missing out on some extras

Additionally to enrolling in the rewards program offered by your preferred rental car agency, make sure to keep an eye out for unique incentive programs. Companies that hire cars frequently provide incentives (e.g. rent 3 days and get a 4th free). You would, however, miss them if you didn’t regularly check their website or sign up for alerts.

Rental Car Trick #4: Never prepay gas – it’s likely a waste of money.

By using this rental car hack, you can stay clear of this additional swindle. It’s probably a bad idea to use any of the prepay gas alternatives they provide you.

Additionally, the price is absurd.

rental car hacks

Even if only 1/4 of the tank was utilized, rental car companies charge you for a FULL tank. And the rate is significantly higher (in some cases even double for the “work” of having someone pump the gas for you).

Plan your return to give yourself enough time to refuel before you return the vehicle and save money.

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Rental Car Hack #5: Book early to save money.

Generally speaking, the earlier you book your automobile, the better deals you’ll get.
Prices begin to rise as reservations are made for the vehicles on a local lot of the rental car firm. Even if you are still deciding on a ticket, you can usually cancel a rental car without suffering too many consequences, so book one beforehand. This will not only lock in your automobile, but it will lock in at a better pace.

Rental Car Hack #6: Rent from the rental car company directly to save money.

If you book directly, you might be able to get a cheaper deal and/or utilize a discount code, even if business passengers might not be allowed to. Of course, if you’re on vacation, book directly rather than through sites like Orbitz and Travelocity (unless they’re offering you some crazily incredible price bundle).

rental car hacks

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I’ve almost always found the rates to be lower when I book directly, so this is another amusing little rental vehicle hack you can employ to save money.