Two Separate Checks! Actors Reveal Whether They Made Santa’s Naughty or Nice List.!

Making a list and double-checking it, Santa Claus! Not just famous children are under pressure over the holiday season as they reflect on who has been nice or naughty this year.

Obviously, a good list! Just the good list! When asked about his preferred holiday customs, Jonathan Scott quipped, “It’s not awful if you don’t get caught.”

The Property Brothers star believes that it was his work off-camera that got him on Santa’s good side of the sleigh. I tell you what. He continued, “I think this year, I’m pretty excited that we’ve been able to do some things that I think are really good for people and really good for, you know, families. I think Santa would be very proud of what we did for people in need.” He and his twin, Drew Scott, were able to help people in need, he said, adding that they were very happy about it.

 Actors Reveal Whether They Made Santa's Naughty or Nice List.!

Olivia Munn feels fairly happy about where she stands with Santa this Christmas, just like the HGTV star.

I firmly believe that I will never be placed on a naughty list. TheNewsroomalum jokingly said, “But that’s primarily because I have a little bit more of a boring existence just working, hanging out with my dogs, going home, and hanging out with my pals. Being bad is extremely difficult if you are boring.

Some celebrities have focused their emphasis on leading by example, while others have kept things lighthearted.

 Actors Reveal Whether They Made Santa's Naughty or Nice List.!

Leslie Odom Jr. admitted to us that he hasn’t always been great but that he simply does his best.

I am a hybrid of the two. Life is all about finding balance, the Tony Award winner stated. A little bit of either is better than none at all.

After a sustained run on the pleasant list, Padma Lakshmi, for her part, plans to become a little more naughty in the future.

The Taste the Nation host assured us that I had been good, on the pleasant list, and obeying the rules. But I want to make the naughty list for next year.