Rihanna and More Pregnant Stars Share 2023 Baby Bump Photos.

New year, more growing tummies! Celebrities including Claire Danes, Blake Lively, and others have been tracking their pregnancy milestones in 2023.

One day after it was announced that she is expecting her third child with husband Hugh Dancy, TheHomelandalum displayed her baby bulge at the 80th Annual Golden Globes.

Oh, I see. The third. Prego. This one wasn’t planned, but here we are nonetheless! Speaking to Access Hollywood anchor Mario Lopez on the red carpet outside the Beverly Hilton in California, Danes, who wed the English native in September 2009, revealed. I have this one as well as Ryan, who is four, and Cyrus, who is ten. Broad spectrum, but evenly spread. We’re thrilled and ecstatic.

The former My So-Called Life child star admitted that she and Dancy were taking a gamble till the birth of their third kid and did not want to know the sex of the child until the awards event on January 10.

Rihanna and More Pregnant Stars Share 2023

The former gossip girl revealed that she and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, who already have three kids, are expecting their fourth child, in September 2022. Lively made jokes about her pregnant exercise four months later.

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I’ve been following @donsaladino’s exercise plan for some time. The Age of Adaline actress shared images with trainer Don Saladino from before and after learning she was pregnant on January 2 through Instagram, writing that “something isn’t working.”

While Lively’s post made fun of her pregnancy workout routine, Saladino earlier told Us Weekly that the A Simple Favor actress hadn’t let her ambition to maintain her fitness be affected by her expanding belly.

We’re keeping an eye on the ballistics. The fitness expert exclusively revealed to Us in October 2022, “I know in the first trimester things fluctuate a little bit, but overall, she’s always had a fantastic foundation.\

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We’re trying to keep things a little bit more immobile and really avoiding aerobic exercises. Lots may split stances all the time. She is not lying flat on her back in our possession. Her legs are not being inverted by us. Therefore, everything is actually a little bit more upright or inclined.

Rihanna and More Pregnant Stars Share 2023

After Announcing Her First Pregnancy on January 6, 2023, Jessie J Has Also Been Moving Along.

The Domino singer once posted on Instagram Story about her past fertility struggles: “It feels so bizarre to be on this side after being told I would never get pregnant, to pregnancy loss, to then being pregnant, and how quickly it s all happening.”

I remained silent for such a long time because my mind hasn’t really accepted the fact that it does, in fact, happen on certain days.

Rihanna and More Pregnant Stars Share 2023

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