Rihanna’s Quotations About Pregnancy and Desiring Children.

It has taken a while! Before having her first kid, Rihanna was upfront about wanting a family.

The singer made her pregnancy known in a maternity photo shoot in January 2022 with lover ASAP Rocky, exposing her bare midriff in an unbuttoned pink coat and torn pants.

Later on, in the same week, Rihanna offered her social media fans another look at her tummy. The then-expectant celebrity captioned a February Instagram shot taken in her bathroom, “How the gang pulled up to Black History Month.”

Rihanna's Quotations About Pregnancy and Desiring Children.

The singer of Consideration gave birth to a boy in Los Angeles, according to a confirmation from Us Weekly in May 2022.

TheOcean’s 8star encountered certain obstacles on her journey to parenthood, most notably the idea that ASAP Rocky had cheated on her with Fenty designer Amina Muaddi in April 2022.

The native of Romania swiftly dispelled the accusations via Instagram Story, adding that although she would ordinarily disregard such horrible and fabricated rumors, she felt compelled to stand up for two people I have a great deal of respect and affection for.

Rocky was detained at the Los Angeles International Airport later that month in connection with a shooting that happened in November 2021. The New Yorker and Rihanna were traveling back from a holiday in Barbados at the time.

Rocky and Rihanna first stirred up love rumors in 2019, and they eventually made it official two years later. In an interview with GQ in May 2021, the rapper referred to the Barbados native as The One.

Rihanna's Quotations About Pregnancy and Desiring Children.

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The New Yorker gushed over his lady at the time, saying that she is probably equivalent to a million of the other ones. When you know, you know, in my opinion.

The musicians were still going strong one month earlier, according to an insider who exclusively informed Us about their success and said, “It’s evident they’re a couple and also each other’s best friend.”

They often joke around and laugh. They like spending time together and frequently go on secret date evenings. They don’t necessarily want people to know they are dating; rather, they just don’t want them to.

They’re two laid-back individuals who don’t want that type of attention, so they just randomly turn up somewhere, and nobody really realizes until after the fact.

Rihanna's Quotations About Pregnancy and Desiring Children.

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at he would be a wonderful father if that were his fate. I think I’d be a remarkable, all-around fantastic dad, the Praise the Lord singer stated. My child would be very nimble.

Another insider revealed to us in August 2021 that the producer and the Umbrella diva were much in love and that an engagement might be on the horizon.

As the source clarified, Rocky has been dropping signals that indicate [it] might occur soon, but there is no rush since what matters most to them both is to continue developing this incredibly beautiful thing they have started.

They are extremely honest about the fact that they have never felt such a connection with anyone else and that they see each other as life partners while speaking with friends. They don’t need a marriage license to be happy, but Ri is a real romantic, and her mom and other family members would really like to see her get hitched.

Rihanna's Quotations About Pregnancy and Desiring Children.

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Rihanna announced during her performance at Super Bowl LVII in February 2023 that she was having a kid with ASAP Rocky.

Scroll down to see Rihanna‘s comments regarding motherhood over the years, from her ideal due date to her readiness to raise a child alone.