Running with The Devil Review: John Mc Afee’s Chaotic Reality Is Beyond the Comprehension!

Nicolas Cage, Laurence Fishburne, Leslie Bibb, and Barry Pepper star in the 2019 American crime thriller Running with the Devil, which was written and directed by Jason Cabell. The film marks Cabell’s directing debut. Quiver Distribution and Redbox Entertainment made it available in the US on September 20, 2019.


A determined federal agent tracks the supply chain of a gang of seasoned cocaine dealers from the farm where the drug is first produced, through smugglers and cartel lords, corrupt officials, and the DEA’s efforts to bring them to justice. In order to find out why cocaine shipments are being stolen and overcut somewhere along the supply chain, the CEO of an international corporation dispatches two of his most esteemed executives.

Running with The Devil Review

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  • The Cook by Nicolas Cage
  • As The Man, Laurence Fishburne
  • Agent In Charge: Leslie Bibb
  • The Boss, Barry Pepper
  • The Snitch, Adam Goldberg
  • The Farmer, portrayed by Clifton Collins Jr.
  • The Executioner is Cole Hauser.
  • Number One is Peter Facinelli
  • As The Woman, Natalia Reyes
  • The Child starring Marie Wagenman
  • With Christian Tappan as Trey
  • The Young Camilo Amores

Running with The Devil Review

Jason Cabell, a veteran Navy SEAL who briefly served as a military advisor on the Colombian drug trade, created his first solo film as a writer-director with the intention of telling the tale of that specific trade “from the point of view of the drugs.” The end result isn’t quite a docudrama indictment like “Traffic,” a thriller like “Sicario,” a call for innocent victims, or a gory criminal comedy in the vein of Quentin Tarantino. Instead, “Running With the Devil” is all of the aforementioned, confidently fusing together numerous narrative and tone components into a surprisingly seamless whole.

Running with The Devil Review

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This wide yet tightly focused story of treacherous illegal transportation, which stars a cast of well-known actors, including the indisputable Nicolas Cage, should amaze viewers regardless of whether they’re seeking for a serious examination of trafficking issues or simply violent excitement. As “Running” debuts this weekend on just 10 U.S. screens concurrent with VOD and digital launch, it will largely attract viewers through home platforms.

Running with The Devil Review

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Cabell’s script begins by introducing his cast of people a few weeks earlier after an unsettling prologue that we’ll eventually get back to and that describes the dreadful fate of a chained, nude guy. A little child who tells her Seattle school bus driver, “I can’t wake them up,” is sent to an aunt since her parents overdosed and died during the night. The drug battle has now become extremely personal for that aunt, a federal agent named Leslie Bibb.

Running with The Devil Review

While this is happening, a high-rolling dealer (Laurence Fishburne) becomes a little too accustomed to his own powdery wares and manages to survive epic nasal debauchery that leaves two less fortunate prostitutes dead in his bed.