Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards, Who Used to Be on “Teen Mom Og,” Have Had Their Ups and Downs.

Even after the cameras are turned off, the drama goes on. Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards, former stars of Teen Mom OG, may have left the program in 2021, but the scandal has followed them ever since.

In 2009, Ryan entered the franchise as the father of Maci Bookout‘s kid Bentley during the premiere of 16 and Pregnant. The Tennessee natives’ romance abruptly ended, and the co-founder of Things That Matter battled to coparent with her boyfriend. This difficult situation played out on MTV for years, and it only became worse as Ryan developed drug and alcohol problems.

Ryan’s drug issues had a significant impact on his romance with Mackenzie, whom he met in 2016 and married a year later, as well as his relationships with Bentley, Maci, and other family members.

Regular viewers of Teen Mom will remember the terrifying season 7 finale in which Ryan drives himself and Mackenzie to their first round of weddings despite frequently dozing off and struggling to keep his eyes on the road.

Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards, Who Used to Be on "Teen Mom Og," Have Had Their Ups and Downs.

While Bentley isn’t present because Ryan and Mackenzie want to keep the details of their wedding as private as possible, Ryan’s mother, Jen, is sobbing. Despite continuing with the wedding, Ryan and Mackenzie later came to understand their mistakes.

When questioned how she could still go through with marrying Ryan while he was driving drunk, Mackenzie responded to a fan in March 2022, “I was young, confused, terrified, and made a really stupid mistake.” Thank goodness no one was wounded.

We Came to Terms with It Jointly a Long Time Ago, the Influencer Continued.

After the episode’s June 2017 airing, Ryan revealed to Us Weekly in an exclusive interview that he had decided to check himself into a rehab center. Life is perfect now that I’m back at home and doing great. I could not have done this without the help of my wife and parents. I appreciate all of your kind words.

They continued to have a second reception and shortly after enlarged their family despite the conflict and Ryan’s problems with addiction. With Ryan, Mackenzie, who also has a boy named Hudson with her ex-husband Zachary Stephens, welcomed a son named Jagger in October 2018 and a girl named Stella in January 2020.

Almost to the point of physical altercation over Ryan’s (perceived lack of) relationship with Bentley, Ryan’s father Larry, and Maci’s husband Taylor McKinley was sacked from Teen Mom OG a year later. In March 2021, Mackenzie told Without A Crystal Ball that Maci was the brains behind Edwards’ firing.

Ahead of [the Teen Mom OG producers] heads, Maci’s agent approached [parent company] Viacom and complained that we were taking up time on the show that she could have been utilizing to showcase all of her talents, Mackenzie claimed.

Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards, Who Used to Be on "Teen Mom Og," Have Had Their Ups and Downs.

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It’s just more of an angry, “I’m going to show you who’s boss” type of stuff, she continued. The fact of the issue is that Maci is in charge here, Mackenzie remarked. Her show is this. What is, is what is. It’s okay.

While the Edwards family has been quick to blame Maci whenever controversy arises, Ryan shocked viewers in January 2023 when he seemingly accused his wife of infidelity by posting critical remarks on a picture of the two beamings broadly at a performance.

I’m not proud to be married to someone who frequents bars and socializes with other people, therefore get your wife to desist from doing this. You guys can’t come tomorrow soon enough! On Mackenzie’s July 20, 2022, Instagram post, which showed her and Ryan happy and snuggling, the former reality star said in the comments.

Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards, Who Used to Be on "Teen Mom Og," Have Had Their Ups and Downs.

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Do you know what occurs when you sleep with dogs? pause, and observe the person I’m speaking to. And after blaming my addiction, divorcing is the best course of action.

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