Season 16 Sneak Peek: Domynique of MAFS Discloses Her Mother Enrolled Her for The Show

Mom has been interfering! In Us Weekly’s exclusive early peek at the upcoming season, Married at First Sight season 16 cast member Dominique confesses that her mother signed her up for the dating show.

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The 25-year-old Nashville native says to viewers in the clip, “I am here initially because my mom did sign me up for this, but in the end, I did make the decision that this was something that I wanted to go through with.

When Domynique calls her mother in the confessional, she asks her why she didn’t like her daughter’s prior dates. Domynique will marry Mackinley in the future season when they meet at the altar.

Season 16 Sneak Peek

Dom and Mack. Youtube

Dom’s mother comments, “I feel like you were ready for a relationship and they absolutely weren’t.” You, people, would choose someone for her who wasn’t in her comfort zone, in my opinion.

For her part, the reality star acknowledges, “I simply don’t feel like I have had the best luck.” I don’t believe I made the correct choices. What better way to avoid that, Domynique asks, than to enter a process like getting married knowing you’re going to do it? It just feels like there’s a lack of commitment or perhaps a fear of commitment.

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After grinning at the camera, the Lifetime star says, “I’m just looking for, like, my full-time, permanent cuddling friend.”

On the upcoming season of the audience’s favorite reality series, which has resulted in 13 happy marriages (and eight children!) since the 2014 series launch, Domynique and Mack, both 33, will join four other Tennessee-based couples searching for love and an arranged marriage.

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Despite not having had many substantial long-term relationships, she is convinced that she is prepared for marriage, according to Dom’s Lifetime biography. The official description continues, “When she does date, it is with the purpose of settling down and finding something meaningful. Unfortunately, the bar scene and dating apps are not working out for her because she doubts she will find her ideal match there.”

Season 16 Sneak Peek

According to his official bio, Mackinley just relocated to Nashville to pursue new job chances and discovered that the finest opportunity of all was to find a bride. He wants to start a family and is prepared to settle down. He has always prioritized his job, but now he wants to start a family with his lifelong partner.

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Along with helping Dom and Mack find love, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Cal Roberson, longstanding matchmakers for MAFS, will also counsel newlyweds Jasmine and Aires, Kirsten and Shaquille, Gina and Clint, and Nicole and Christopher during their new relationships.