The “Season of Monsters” Has Begun for The Spooked Podcast.

Storyteller Glynn Washington tells tales. He is much more than that, though. His Snap Judgment show’s presenter, founder, and executive producer, Spooked, claims to have grown up in an apocalypse cult, belonged to a ghost-haunted family, was the grandson of a seer, studied magic, and experienced his first exorcism as a teenager.

In addition to studying in Japan, the Detroit native also completed law school and works as an activist and educator. Since 2017, Washington has led listeners of Spooked on a journey of spooky stories told personally by experiences over the course of seven seasons and more than a hundred episodes.

With bonus episodes on the Luminary membership site and app, Spooked is a fantastic Halloween season series that lasts through October. It is available on all major podcasting platforms. Even while the show’s current season does not avoid discussing death, things are unquestionably becoming more bizarre.

Washington just told me in an interview for my Talking Strange paranormal pop culture show that is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube that this is a season of monsters. You can see the complete interview below as well:

Season of Monsters

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He claims that this is a season where we get to see creatures that shouldn’t be there. creatures that we previously believed to be pure fiction.

These stories include ones about a greenish-blue-skinned creature in an Oregon lake, Night Marchers in Hawaii, Los Chaneques in Mexico, and more.

Washington emphasizes that although though theSpookedstories can be frightening and frequently are, they shouldn’t be instantly viewed as villains.

They exhibit behaviors that are unexpected. Something may appear frightening, but that doesn’t mean it’s malicious.

Additionally, even though the events of an episode may involve paranormal phenomena, regular people are what the show is really about. Each tale also has a beginning, middle, and end that go beyond a single incident that happens in the middle of the night.

Every witness is transformed into a storyteller by Washington and his colleagues at Spooked, who gradually develop these tales. However, the aim of the program is not to offer certain solutions to the questions that exist. Instead, the goal of Spooked is to share mysteries and pique interest.

He tells me that all I have to do is be curious. I have no responses to any questions. I’m interested in learning what happened to you. What did you see, what did you feel, and why did it feel that way? … I believe that the world is full of wonder, and I want to explore it.

Regarding the stories Washington would like to investigate, he claims he is interested in exploring North African folklore and compiling information about the Djinn from Islamic belief. He also claims that he frequently rambles on about UFOs in text messages with friends and that he would like to hear some credible X-Files-style stories.

I would like a tale that gave us the chance to investigate that phenomenon from the viewpoint of someone who has actually witnessed it. He says, “We don’t have that narrative yet,” before exclaiming, “I want to get it!” with excitement. If there is anyone out there who would like to share a tale with me, please do!

Washington is interested in tales for Spooked that go beyond the paranormal. He tells us to ignore the paranormal and instead focus on other riddles that connect us to long-gone individuals and civilizations.

Season of Monsters

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We are observing tools and various items left behind when you have a number of locations being disclosed for the first time in a thousand years as a result of climate change.

You had the notion that there were pre-Columbian civilizations in the Americas that had been utterly destroyed and of which we know very little. The connection between those communities and ourselves now is something I wish to investigate. What did they abandon?

It remains to be seen if Washington is telling the truth about his UFO, Djinn, and ancient civilization claims. But there is still a lot more Spooked to come since fresh episodes won’t start to air until at least Spring 2023.