Selena Gomez’s Own Account of Her Struggle with Mental Illness.

opening a conversation. Over the years, Selena Gomez has been open about her battles with mental health.

After being given a lupus diagnosis in 2014, the singer started receiving therapy. Since then, she has participated in a number of voluntary programs to manage her anxiety, panic attacks, and despair. Us Weekly verified that she was seeking open-ended mental health treatment nine months after she finished her treatment in January 2018.

TheGetawaystar disclosed that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in April 2020. She said as much to Miley Cyrus in an episode of the latter’s Bright Minded Instagram series. “Once I know it, it doesn’t scare me,” she said. I believe that makes people afraid, right?

Selena Gomez's Own Account of Her Struggle with Mental Illness.

The founder of Rare Beauty has also utilized her platform to promote mental health awareness by conducting expert discussions and bringing attention to various problems through her projects.

She worked as an executive producer on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why from 2017 to 2020. The show generated a lot of conversation about the difficulties today’s teenagers and young adults confront.

About the show’s serious themes, Gomez stated during an interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in 2017 that “this is happening every day.” Whether you wanted to see it or not, that is what is taking place.

Selena Gomez's Own Account of Her Struggle with Mental Illness.

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The subject matter is intricate. It’s gloomy and contains some truly difficult-to-swallow passages, and I realized that we were undertaking a challenging task.

The singer of Bad Liar kept emphasizing the value of tuning into your emotions as the coronavirus outbreak brought mental health to the forefront for people all around the world. She conducted an Instagram Live in October 2020 with Dr. Vivek Murthy, President Joe Biden’s surgeon general, to talk about the loneliness she felt while under lockdown.

About the initial months of isolation, she admitted, “I couldn’t handle it too well at first. Nevertheless, once I started going to a location where I could write and be active, I was compelled to schedule that time. I’ve been able to spend more time than ever before with that kind of folks, and I also spend a lot more time with my family.

Selena Gomez's Own Account of Her Struggle with Mental Illness.

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Murthy said Gomez’s experience was an excellent illustration of why it’s crucial to express one’s emotions. There are various ways to reach out if you realize that [nearly everyone is struggling in some way], he remarked.

When we help others, we reinforce to ourselves that we have something valuable to contribute to the world and move our attention from ourselves to others in the context of a positive connection.