Shut Down! Every Time Kourtney Kardashian Has Denied Pregnancy Rumors.

Well done, trolls! Over the years, Kourtney Kardashian hasn’t been afraid to shut down body shamers amid pregnancy rumors.

The former KKW Beauty model and ex-Scott Disick have three kids together: Mason, Penelope, and Reign. The entrepreneur of Poosh made the decision to freeze her eggs before to her October 2021 engagement with Travis Barker.

She described the procedure in a December 2018 episode of her family’s E! reality series. “I’ve been so up and down emotional because I’ve been doing the shots for the egg freezing,” she stated. It’s kind of crazy. I have the want to burst out of my skin. I’m too wild to handle it.

Younes Bendjima was Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend at the time. The Californian joked that the boxer was concerned about her extreme emotion before their breakup in 2018 because of something he did.

I have a fairly high pain tolerance, so the injections themselves weren’t really a huge concern, she stated on the KUTVEpisode. Yet I believe that everything was simply heightened. To him, everything is centered around him. I responded, “No, this is not about you.”

Shut Down! Every Time Kourtney Kardashian Has Denied Pregnancy Rumors

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The owner of a lifestyle brand said she was thankful she had a safety net in place in case she decided to have another child three years later.

In March 2021, she said, “I froze [my eggs] and maybe they’re sitting there Alright just in case you never know,” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s Woman Parts segment. I was really persuaded to do it. Oh, whatever, I’ll do it once because everyone else is, I thought. I could do it too. Who am I to question what God’s will is? I’m 41; am I allowed to become pregnant on my own? Perhaps that is God’s intention.

I don’t know if I really want to have another child or if that will be now or later, she continued. I believe that doing that and being in charge of my body simply brought me peace of mind.

Although she may not be certain whether she wants to grow her family, her uncertainty hasn’t stopped social media from being flooded with pregnancy rumors. Kim Kardashian‘s older sister talked up about how she came to accept her figure after uploading a bikini selfie in May 2020 that showed off her curves.

Shut Down! Every Time Kourtney Kardashian Has Denied Pregnancy Rumors

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Clapping back isn’t always simple, she added in a YouTube video that same month. Occasionally I can be more snarky, but I believe my mantra is to kill them with kindness. Try not to let the comments bother you, and if they do and you are aware of that, then don’t read them. I know it’s easier said than done, but make an effort to stay optimistic for the sake of your mental well-being.