Fans of Silent Hill Talk About the Mixed Return of The Franchise.!

Fans haven’t taken long to express their fervent emotions to the information revealed at Konami’sSilent Hilllivestream showcase event, despite the fact that it was disappointingly brief, frustratingly unclear, and (for some reason) broadcast way too early.

After all, fans of Silent Hill have been waiting for anything (anything) that wasn’t just DLC of various quality for a very long time (orslot machines). People were prepared with their most intense hot takes, so you better believe they were waiting.

The Silent Hill fandom has not let anyone down in that regard. In fact, a lot of the early discussion around the Silent Hill reveal event centered on how excited many people were to have a reason to bring up anything related to Silent Hill once more.

Silent Hill talk about the mixed return of the franchise

But even before the actual announcements, there was a growing sense that Konami’s Silent Hill display was going to fall short of expectations.

After all, the Silent Hill franchise’s recent past has been…rough, and that was before Konami made the decision to develop into an extremely avaricious and dislikeable publisher who once seemed quite content to never again release a quality new video game.

Was the reveal ultimately as disappointing as some fans had hoped? That sort of depends on whoever you ask and which of the new Silent Hill projects you’re referring to.

Let’s start with the PS5 and PC-only Silent Hill 2 remake being created by Bloober Team. The responses to the Silent Hill showcase’s marquee unveiling have been…unpredictable.

Some people may find it more than enough to be enthusiastic about the project simply because they will be able to play an improved version of Silent Hill 2. Additionally, some of the improvements that the remake will include may very well bring out the finest in that wonderful game.

Silent Hill talk about the mixed return of the franchise

However, a lot of the initial responses to the announcement of the Silent Hill 2 remake have centred on Bloober Team, the game’s creator. Simply put, as soon as the reports about Bloober Team’s involvement started to circulate, quite a few fans began to hate the prospect of that team working on a Silent Hill game.

Some of those worries were related to people’s opinions on the developer’s earlier works, while others believed Bloober Team’s writing and ideologies didn’t fit with the particular requirements of the Silent Hill franchise. Whatever way you cut it, the anti-Bloober Team movement is currently very active.

Some fans are merely uneasy by what they have seen of the Silent Hill 2 remake thus far. Particularly, the new character model for James Sunderland has drawn numerous memes and perhaps more…passionate responses.

Silent Hill talk about the mixed return of the franchise

In contrast, Silent Hill: Ascension, a “interactive video streaming experience,” and Return to Silent Hill, a new Silent Hill movie based on Silent Hill 2, don’t seem to be garnering much attention at the time.

Despite the fact that we don’t currently know much about either project, those feel like the most “Konami-like” (in a negative way) initiatives in the showcase.

But the news isn’t entirely negative (or conflicting). In reality, the still enigmatic game Silent Hill: Downfall from Stories Untold and Observation creator No Code is currently receiving a lot of great press.

No Code claims to have just started working on the game, but given their incredible track record in the horror genre, they have the potential to create something truly unique with the Silent Hill property.

I don’t mind telling you that this is the upcoming Silent Hill game that I am most thrilled about because I am a major fan of Stories Untold.

Silent Hill f is the last. This appears to be the Silent Hill game that most fans are now anticipating. While the Japanese location of that game and the cryptic teaser trailer raise many doubts, the presence of writer Ryukishi07has sparked many people’s interest.

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It’s a little too early to say for sure, but that project appears to be the only planned Silent Hill game that has the potential to carry on the best aspects of the series’ history while still moving in an intriguing new direction.

All things considered, it’s probably safe to conclude that the Silent Hill presentation received generally mixed reviews. There is undoubtedly a chance that one of (if not all of) those initiatives will revive the Silent Hill franchise.

Silent Hill talk about the mixed return of the franchise

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Those endeavors could potentially fail miserably and serve as a reminder of the reasons why the series has so far struggled to find mainstream success. Whatever transpires, it’s good that we can now discuss the Silent Hill series without resorting to retrospectives.

Fans of the franchise react to the franchise’s mixed return in the post that was first featured on Den of Geek.