Spoilers for Episode 6 of Season 2 of Perry Mason: Status of The Decision.

You will watch a story that is crucial from top to bottom in Perry Mason season 2 episode 6 the next week. What does it indicate that the conclusion is drawing nearer? Let’s just say that we wouldn’t go into the new episode of the next week believing that the Gallardos case has concluded. It seems wishful thinking to say that.
Yet, it’s also obvious that we will make some progress, particularly as a result of what Della is doing in relation to the trial. The easiest way to define this season is as a series of checkpoints; while there is no assurance that they will lead to a positive outcome, things are nonetheless heading in this direction.
Spoilers for Episode 6 of Season 2 of Perry Mason

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Holcomb extends an arm of compromise to Perry after subpoenaing him. In the meantime, Della maintains her friendships with Camilla and Anita, which gives her the assurance to confront the first witness and influence the jury’s decision in the Gallardos’ favor.

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Things are going to get dramatic because a few talks and actions might completely change the course of events, according to the promo that ran at the end of episode 5. This season has been particularly strong because the entire case is still hanging in the balance.

Although the defense has made some efforts that appear to be in the correct direction, they are not the only ones making an effort to advance. More than at any other time thus far, there are many diverse forces at play in this situation.

We do anticipate some resolution at the end of this episode, though it may go without saying. After all, there is little chance of a third season.

Spoilers for Episode 6 of Season 2 of Perry Mason

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