Star Wars Responds to Andor’s Declining Viewership.!

A large audience has long been captivated by new Star Wars releases, whether on the big screen or on television, as they eagerly await news about what comes next for the far-off galaxy. However, there are indicators that, at least in relation to the most recent series now airing on Disney+, the audience may be slightly declining.

There are some telling data that demonstrate that Andorhasn’t exactly found as large an audience as its predecessors, even though rating measurements are hardly an exact science in the age of streaming, especially when streamers themselves decline to provide official viewership numbers.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings show that Andor has mostly lagged behind its streaming rivals, in contrast to The Mandalorian and other top-rated Disney+ offerings, even though that statistic only counts TV viewing and ignores people who access streaming content on laptops and other mobile devices. However, Nielsen demonstrates how Andor battled to move up the list of popular streaming series in the US in October.

 Andor's Declining Viewership.!

Additionally, as noted by IndieWire, the demand for Andor may be lower than that of other Star Wars programs. Parrot Analytics thinks there isn’t as much of an audience demand for Andora in the US as there is for some of its contemporaries. Parrot Analytics employs proprietary software to track online talk on social media and elsewhere about current movies and TV shows.

Demand for Android is really comparable to the current offseason debate over The Mandalorian, a program that hasn’t aired in nearly two years (although its possible upcoming third season helped boost those numbers).

Now, Andor’s audience figures for most programs would undoubtedly not be cause for concern. Throughout its existence, it has consistently ranked among the top 10 most watched original streaming shows according to Nielsen ratings, but when working with a titan like Star Wars, it’s always going big or go home. It is disappointing for Disney that Android isn’t in the lead.

That may assist to clarify Disney’s decision to offer Andora a wider release leading up to the US Thanksgiving holiday. The first two episodes of Andor will now also air on the studio’s cable networks and another significant streaming service, the studio announced on Monday. Here is the timetable for when non-Disney+ members can sample what Andor has to offer:

 Andor's Declining Viewership.!

ABC: November 23, 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. ET/PT

Thursday, November 24, 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. ET/PT

Freeform: November 25, 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. ET/PT

From November 23 through December 7, Hulu will be accessible.

It would be reasonable to assume that the decision was made to encourage more people outside of Disney+ to subscribe to the service and watch the entire series, even though it is not an official admission that Andori is having trouble attracting the kind of Star Wars viewership the studio is accustomed to.

Tony Gilroy, the show’s creator, provided his own remarks on the response to Andor, which seem indicative of the show’s current popularity.

When asked what he thought of Andor’s performance, Gilroy replied to Variety, “I was surprised.” “I had the impression that the show would go the other way, that we would have a huge, immediate audience that would just be everywhere, but that it would take a very long time for people who weren’t fans of Star Wars, critics, or my group of friends to become involved in the production.

The reverse took place. We have received a surprisingly large amount of critical acclaim, deep appreciation, and understanding, and yet we are still chasing after the audience.

It is unexpected that a live-action Star Wars movie didn’t fare well at the box office, but it is also simple to understand why Andor has had trouble. One reason is that it’s a serious, slow-burn spy drama that has a reputation for defying established Star Wars traditions by eschewing the pew-pew sci-fi action typically associated with the franchise in favor of a far more mature narrative approach.

The series’ more mature tone, although excellent for this particular tale of revolution and a much-needed breath of fresh air for the space fantasy saga overall, isn’t exactly kid-friendly and may have turned off mainstream audiences who anticipate a particular kind of vibe from Star Wars.

Additionally, the lack of a prominent figure from the movies as the series’ focus makes Andor seem like an optional entry to casual fans when compared to Obi-Wan Kenobi or even The Book of Boba Fett. (You can argue the point.

Although that series also had the novelty of being the first of its sort and featured heroes who closely resembled two of the most well-known movie characters, The Mandalorian should have encountered the same issue in 2019.

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It will be fascinating to see if adding Andor to other networks and services aids in growing its fan base.

 Andor's Declining Viewership.!

Disney has always launched its more mature assets and endeavors on Hulu, so one could argue that a programme like Andor should have debuted there first along with Disney+. Gilroy is particularly forthright about the reality that each new release in the streaming industry is still very much a matter of trial and error.

“Everyone is trying to act like nothing is wrong…

And everyone is acting,” Gilroy said, according to Variety. “This is a brand-new company. Everyone is attempting to understand it. Business affairs are attempting to act as though they comprehend streaming and how artists should be compensated.

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