Stars Showing Baby Bumps on Oscars Red Carpet.

What to anticipate at the Oscars if you’re pregnant! At Hollywood’s annual gala, expecting celebrities including Emily Blunt, Chrissy Teigen, and Anne Hathaway glamorized the display of their expanding baby bellies.

So many celebrities have made pregnancy look effortless on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, whether they were in their third trimester or not, barely had a tummy, or never even revealed they were expecting.

Teigen has actually done this not just once, but twice! The co-host of Lip Sync Battle arrived at the 2016 Oscars wearing a Marchesa gown that required sewing. Her growing baby belly was enveloped by the gorgeous dress, which had a plunging neckline and red accents. John Legend, her husband, held her stomach as they posed for pictures.

Stars Showing Baby Bumps on Oscars Red Carpet

Later in the evening, the couple went to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, where Teigen flaunted another pregnancy ensemble. When the expectant mother, who was carrying her first kid at the time, arrived up with a shimmering black gown draped over her baby bump, she aimed for a completely different appearance.

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Teigen demonstrated that indulging in those pregnancy desires is just as much fun even while attendance might be gorgeous. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model didn’t attend the Oscars in 2018, despite the fact that she and her husband were expecting their second child together.

She tweeted at the time, “I’ve postponed Oscars Sunday and am looking for the taco truck from ‘Ugly Delicious. Does anyone who is nearly six months along require a dress? Along with messages containing the truck’s name, Teigen also received numerous requests from expectant mothers for her gown.

Stars Showing Baby Bumps on Oscars Red Carpet

Some Hollywood mothers use the Oscars red carpet to debut their growing tummies.

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Alum of Breaking Bad

Stars Showing Baby Bumps on Oscars Red Carpet

Emerald Fennell had an even larger night in 2021 when she announced her pregnancy while wearing a flowing green and pink dress and received her first Oscar Award (for the script for “Promising Young Lady”). That year, she and her husband Chris Vernon welcomed their second child.