How to Search Anonymously Online Using Startpage

All too often, we blindly enter a great deal of sensitive information into the little search box on websites. However, imagine if there were a method to conduct a search without revealing your identity. This guide will show you how to conduct a more discreet web search for free and without sacrificing convenience.

There are various scenarios in which you would prefer to maintain the anonymity of your web browsing. and no, I’m not saying it’s okay to do something that would hurt your family or your health.

  • Justifiable requests for a private search could involve:
  • Keeping an eye out for embarrassing health issues;
  • Because you’re pregnant and you’re not ready to tell anyone;
  • concerns regarding your mental health that you would rather keep to yourself;
  • You want to buy some lingerie for your partner, but you don’t want to be constantly harassed by lingerie commercials;
  • Conducting private internet research on company time;

Searching is the first step toward protecting your privacy online, and fortunately, there are several options available to you. In this piece, we will examine Startpage, a popular search engine.

Where Can I Find out How to Conduct a Private Internet Search?

startpage search

To begin, know that switching to an incognito window in your browser won’t protect your anonymity in any way. Neither does conduct any sort of search on a social media or shopping-related website while already logged into your browser.

  • You have been tricked into thinking you are alone in this world.
  • While there is no 100% secure technique of protecting one’s internet privacy, there are private search engines such as Startpage that are vast improvements over their public counterparts.
  • Starting with Startpage allows us to do the following:
  • The European Union’s data privacy rules safeguard it: Compared to the United States, where many other search engines are headquartered, the European Union’s privacy standards are much more stringent.
  • Data from your searches and usage are not saved: Not like other search engines, they won’t retain a log of the terms you’ve entered… or that you’ve done any sort of search at all!
  • Startpage has a unique arrangement with Google that allows it to make advantage of Google’s arguably superior search results.

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Startpage Private Search Instructions

You can now simply put into your browser to begin searching, and your search results will be returned. You can use the search box to do a search the same way you would on any other search engine.

  • There are, however, four guidelines that can help you make the most of a private search engine like this one.
  • advertising systems that work together
  • Startpage and DuckDuckGo, two popular alternatives to Google and Bing, are supported in part by advertising displayed alongside search results.
  • Any advertisements that appear in your search results will be relevant only to the query you just entered, and not to any previous queries you may have made.
  • Ad networks are not given access to your personally identifiable information or session-tracking cookies.
  • DuckDuckGo makes it simple to disable all advertisements by visiting the “All Settings” page, but please keep in mind that this is how the company is able to offer its service at no cost to you.
  • Both search engines clearly demarcate advertisements from organic results.

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Variations in Tracking Precision

startpage search

DuckDuckGo logs search queries without attaching them to you in an effort to enhance results and track general trends, while the other tools don’t do this. Startpage does not gather any data, hence it receives an A+ for privacy.

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Position of Their Headquarters

With its headquarters in the Netherlands, Startpage must comply with EU privacy rules that are more stringent and put the emphasis on the rights of individual users to manage their personal information. Though it is headquartered in the United States, DuckDuckGo may be subject to EU data limitations if you request results from a server located in the European Union.

Since the EU rule difference is not relevant here because neither service collects personally identifiable information, there is no reason to prefer one over the other.