Succession Episode 5 of Season 4: Kendall and Roman in Trouble?

All eyes will be on Kendall and Roman as we get ready to see Succession season 4 episode 5 on HBO tomorrow night and for good reason.

Because they are now serving as co-captains of the Waystar Royco ship, they have more authority than they have ever actually had. They have the chance to truly accomplish something significant because there is no concern that Logan Roy may suddenly appear and seize the business.

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However, even with this knowledge, there is always the worry that the two would destroy the business. Naturally, it might also be taken away from them at any time.

The presence of Matsson in episode 5, who will be prominent due to his company retreat, is what keeps things so fascinating at this point. He wanted Logan to buy the business, but might his sons have other ideas?

They have the chance to leave their own mark on the world and become known for more than just being Logan’s offspring. This affects them, but so may the financial implications of a purchase.

Succession Season 4 Episode 5

The brothers must prepare for potential sneak attacks while maintaining court. Do you really believe that Waystar’s old guard will maintain their position simply because Kendall’s name appeared on a piece of paper, after all?

They might use all means at their disposal to attack him and Roman’s reputations. Some of them have significantly more knowledge.

Additionally, keep in mind that there are individuals in this world who are aware of what happened to Kendall at the conclusion of season 1. We have a tendency to believe that this will come up again at some point.

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