Supa Cent Engaged: Lovebirds Supa Cent and Rayzor Are Set to Get Married!

A well-known Instagram personality and entrepreneur in the United States, Raynell Steward is best known by his stage names Supa Cent and Wuzzam Supa. Crayon Case is her cosmetics brand, and she is its CEO. Supa Cent made headlines in 2018 when her brand was mentioned in the news.

 Supa Cent Early life

Raymond Steward was born in Louisiana, United States on 2 February 1988 and is known as Supa Cent. She grew up in the 17th ward in New Orleans’ uptown. Cent was brought up alongside her sister by their single mother. They still have a nice relationship, despite the fact that her father was not around to help maintain their family. Cent had a difficult time in middle school because she was frequently tormented by her classmates. She used to suffer from depression due to bullying.

In the end, she discovered that making jokes about the people who had bullied her helped lift her out of her dark moods. Her success as a comedian is in large part due to the experience of being bullied in school. When it comes to stand-up comedy, her pals love how she roasts them.

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Supa Cent Career

When Vine was shut down, Supa, like many of her fellow Viners, moved to YouTube. Stories, cosmetic instructions, recipes, and Q&As were just a few of the things she shared with the world. Almost 190,000 people are following her on YouTube currently. The fact that she had a passion for make-up and the beauty industry, as well as being an amateur herself, is not surprising that she designed her products to be used by beginners. Because it’s a new concept, The Crayon Case was widely praised by critics and given a pass by numerous make-up professionals.

supa cent engaged

During a Cyber Monday Sale in 2018, she sold her Crayon Case items and won over $1 million in 90 minutes. Everybody was stunned; they started writing about this sale all on their own. There were several well-known beauty gurus who inquired, “Who is this Supa woman?” Then again, she had shown them who she was. “Da Supa Kitchen” was the name of the podcast that she hosted. Supa and her friends sat around the table and spoke about current events and recalled personal experiences.

Supa Cent Engaged

Rayzor, a business partner of Supa Cent’s, proposed to Supa Cent’s longtime girlfriend Raynell Steward. All of the social media was in awe of the proposal because it came at the conclusion of a really beautiful day. To begin, there was a surprise professional cosmetic session, a ready-made suit (that didn’t fit, but was considerate), and then a romantic trip through New Orleans.

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Rayzor had rented a streetcar with images of them hanging from the ceiling, making this ride even more memorable. Riding the streetcars as a kid was a treasured childhood memory of Supa’s, she shared. “Will You marry Me?” was the final question Rayzor asked Supa at the end of their outing together. Prepare to cry. She was overcome with emotion when he slipped the eleven-carat diamond ring on her finger and she quickly said yes, gasping at the sparkle. Her fans were overcome with emotion at the sight of her.

supa cent engaged

“My heart stopped today!” Supa captioned a post on her Instagram page after the engagement, which included photos from the ceremony. My most straightforward “yes” ever. ” A meaningful statement was also put on Rayzor’s Facebook page. “Today was a wonderful day….” One of Raynell’s first memories is of riding the streetcar as a child. In order to commemorate our one-year romance, “I rented one, got them to pick us up just a few minutes from her childhood home, and hanged all of the images from our one-year relationship from the ceiling,” he wrote.

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In place of a trip to New Orleans, “we took a journey through the last year we spent together.” When I asked her to marry me, our family gathered around the columns, waiting for me to ask her in person. Last month, I didn’t realize how much time and effort she was putting on yesterday. Signs of God’s approval or encouragement. “Thank you to my fiance @supa cent, my new extended family, and my support system for being there.

supa cent engaged

” This month marks the one-year anniversary of the 34-year-old social media celebrity and her future spouse going public with their romance in November of 2021. Rayzor is a business owner who works with the ROCKET X Denim brand and is also a producer for various events. He founded The Crayon Case, a successful beauty business.