Supportive Spouses! Leah Remini and Angelo Pagan’s Relationship Timeline.

Each other was won back! Leah Remini and her husband, Angelo Pagan, have supported one another through good times and bad.

In 1996, they first spoke in a nightclub and restaurant in Cuba. In an interview with Redbook in 2010, The King of Queens star said that she fell in love with her future husband during their first encounter.

Remini and Pagan wed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas in July 2003 after seven years of dating. Kevin James, her on-screen husband, was there for the poolside wedding.

The Kevin Can Wait actress gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Sofia, with Pagan over a year after getting married. In July 2004, Sofia was born just one day after Remini. For his part, TheSwordfishactor is also the father of three sons from previous relationships, Alex, Nicholas, and Angelo Jr.

Leah Remini and Angelo Pagan’s Relationship Timeline.

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The former contestant of Dancing With the Stars was a committed Scientologist when she first met and fell in love with Pagan. In 2013, she and Pagan officially left the religion after ten years of marriage. Vicki Marshall, Remini’s mother, also did the same. The former talk show presenter has been open about her decision to quit and her husband’s support of the decision ever since her family left.

The Last Ship actor tweeted in October 2015 that his wife’s talk with Dan Harris during her 20/20 special was “free at last free at last thank god almighty.”

The family was given their own reality TV show, Leah Remini: It’s All Relative, after leaving the faith. The two-season TLC series that followed Remini and her family’s daily lives was created and produced by TheHandsomeactress.

The Old School actress wrote a memoir titled Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology after her reality series was canceled. Following the publication of the tell-all, Pagan used social media to express his pride in his wife and her perseverance.

I’m very happy for @leahremini! He exclaimed on Twitter. brave, courageous, and lovely. Baby, I’ve got your back!

Leah Remini and Angelo Pagan’s Relationship Timeline.

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The couple sent their daughter, Sofia, off to college in August 2022, but she later came home when things didn’t work out. Sofia moved out again the following year and changed schools, and her parents assisted her in settling in.

After the trauma in February 2023, Remini thought, “You’d think the second time would be simpler, but Angelo and I are even more of a mess today.