Survivor 44 Episode 5: Is Matthew Getting Medically Evacuated?

What can we expect to witness from top to bottom as we get ready for Survivor 44’s fifth episode on CBS next week? Without a doubt, the world has gone wild. Very crazy. There are a ton of idols out there, phony idols, benefits, and even shakeups when it comes to the tribes.

How then do you proceed after all that? There is a serious concern that Matthew will need to be removed for medical reasons at any time. He has a shoulder issue that he sustained earlier this season, and from the preview, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. He is in a lot of agonies. Although nothing is confirmed, we are concerned.

Survivor 44 Episode 5: Is Matthew Getting Medically Evacuated?

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If Matthew leaves, it seems like the game might lose one of its more intriguing players—someone who is obviously intelligent and doesn’t mind making some significant movements on the field. Of course, it also makes things more chaotic.

Yam Yam is going to be immersed in a LOT of commotion right now at Tika, speaking of which. Josh and Carolyn now are in control of that tribe! They underestimated her and because of that, he now has to pay the price.

Survivor 44 Episode 5: Is Matthew Getting Medically Evacuated?

This is the reason getting Sarah out was the proper choice for her, at least from our vantage point. Yam Yam is solely responsible for her actions, and she can genuinely make a claim on her CV. Even though she might not have many numbers right now, following the merge, everything could drastically alter.

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Nevertheless, this season has some incredibly intriguing players. Some of them are excellent, while a couple of others are, to put it kindly, strange. From everything we’ve seen so far, it’s simply too difficult to predict who will win.